Backstage Studio Tour

Disney's Hollywood Studios

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The Backstage Studio Tour at Disney MGM-Studios was one of the signature attractions of the park. The 2 hour tour began at the archway (that still remains today). Once into the working studio, guests would board the shuttles at the Backstage Shuttle Station (located just by the side of the current Animation Building). The shuttle would continue to the production center where guests would see Costuming, Scenic Shop, Residential Street, Catastophe Canyon, and New York Street. That concluded the shuttle portion of the tour. At this point, things were just getting started, and guests would proceed to the second half of the tour, the walking tour. This part began at the Water Effects Tank, then moved onto the Special Effects soundstage. Next up was the walk through the soundstages where TV and movie productions were taking place, then the Post Production Editing studio, with a final stop at the Walt Disney Theater for previews of upcoming attractions.

The current version of the tour is the Studio Backlot Tour, which is a considerably diluted version of the original.