New single-day ticket pricing will price all four parks at the same level

Sep 24, 2018 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Monday September 24, 2018 2:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning October 16 2018, Walt Disney World will begin pricing all four theme parks at the same level for single day tickets, effectively eliminating the Magic Kingdom premium, and raising the price of the other three parks to match the Magic Kingdom.

Introduced in the summer of 2013, the Magic Kingdom carried a premium price, putting it at around $5 more than the other three theme parks.

The new pricing will put all four Walt Disney World theme parks between $109 and $129, with the price varying depending on the season that they will be used.

Current pricing at Epcot, Studios and Animal Kingdom for a one-day ticket is between $102 and $122.

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HauntedPirateOct 04, 2018

I chuckle when people say, "Who cares about 1-day tickets, who buys them anyways???". Ummm, the 1-day ticket price sets the base for your multi-day park hopper, so the royal you should care about the price of a 1-day ticket. Just sayin'.

spock8113Oct 03, 2018

"Apply now for your theme Park Loan, new low interest rates for 60 months with every DVC membership, Mickey Wafflemaker included" Hello, I'd like to talk to the loan arranger. I'm sorry the loan arranger isn't here right now. That's OK, I'll talk to Tonto.

SirwalterraleighSep 27, 2018

They do... You should go on their website and play with the days to see how the cost fluctuates...there are also charts on a lot of sites...I’m sure it’s here somewhere 😎

SirwalterraleighSep 27, 2018

And on the backend...the rise in regular prices hit everyone like a hammer. So not only did “free dining” go up 15-20% every year...the bottom fell out when they greatly reduced the offer... If you were on the boards...the “I love free dining” 2009-2012 turned to a distraught “when is free dining???” 13-16. Many of those people are gone...according to plan.

Goofnut1980Sep 27, 2018

A quick question on this. And I apologize if I missed the answer. Do the tickets discount the more days you play? Like now if you buy 5 days vs 4 days its like $30 more for the extra day.

wendysueSep 27, 2018

At that time, it was a good deal.

SirwalterraleighSep 27, 2018

But what about Galaxys edge?? To say nothing of Brazil, Spain, the Mary poppins ride and the coco overlay...

SirwalterraleighSep 27, 2018

...I know...I just didn’t want to mentally litigate it. The reality is that they have eliminated a lot of the little things and niche stuff steadily over the years. You get the occasional main draw...but a lot less added incentive/value that year bygone for your tickets and hotel costs...which are 5X more.

twilight mitsukSep 26, 2018

Now I see why there is no hogwarts branded dollar store toys and ice cream bars

Missing20KSep 26, 2018

My wife (at the time girlfriend) and I bought single day tickets to DAK because we had been gifted multi day passes but arrived earlier than expected and wanted to go to a park without burning a day of our hopper. Just my anecdote about people still needing single day tickets.

GeorgeSep 26, 2018

After the “Sunrise at MK featuring an all you can eat Muffin”, you still have from 10:30-7 to experience up to 5 attractions.

xdan0920Sep 26, 2018

Hopefully you get the full day on that date. There may be a Spring Fling Magical after hours event kicking off at 7p. In that case you'd have to buy SFM tickets on top of your regular park tickets in order to experience the full day.

GeorgeSep 26, 2018

The monetary value associated with those 2 days, not the 2 days themselves. For example, if you were to go 17 months later, the 6 tickets you have with the 2 extra days on them would get one person into MK for 17 minutes. Theoretically, of course. You’d have to spend the extra $713.00 to upgrade to a full day.

LSLSSep 26, 2018

You mean if I buy say a 4 day ticket for the week of Nov 20 and don't end up going that week, not if I use 2 of the days and want to apply the other 2 to a future date, correct? At least that is my understanding.