Live Streaming Now: The virtual grand reveal of the Disney Treasure

27 days ago in "Disney Treasure"

Posted: Tuesday September 5, 2023 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The virtual grand reveal of the Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, begins September 5 at 11 am ET.

Watch below to find out never-before-released details showcasing the dining, family entertainment and unique spaces coming to the sixth ship in the fleet.

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ToTBellHop2 days ago

I was born at that point in my life.

HauntedPirate4 days ago

Good point, I forgot about flying straight into FLL. No Southwest flights for us, since it would involve at least one connection and I'm at a point in my life where I don't do layovers for leisure travel (unless there are literally no other options).

jme4 days ago

Port Everglades is 4 miles from Fort Lauderdale Airport - which has a gate for Southwest so flights are pretty affordable (depending on where you're coming from of course). There's no need to fly into Miami (which is about 30 miles away) but the traffic will make that trek take about an hour, not much better than MCO->PC

HauntedPirate7 days ago

Personally/selfishly, I'd love to have the Dream available stateside year-round. Everglades would be fine with me, as it should be easier to get there from Miami than PC from MCO (despite flights into Miami for us tending to be more expensive, plus hotels are wowzers more expensive). In the event I ever want to sail a DCL cruise with friends in the future, it's my preferred choice.

ryandp7 days ago

Hi everyone!, is there any info about naval architect of this Disney treasure cruise ?

ToTBellHop8 days ago

So that ends up being November to February or so. Leaves plenty of time for Magic to sail elsewhere, too.

cjkeating8 days ago

Just looked it up and they are committed to a minimum of 26 cruises from 1st November 2023 per year. This was a pre COVID agreement so they may have adjusted timelines. No idea how this compares to this year. In 2018 there minimum commitment was 10 and had increased year on year.

ToTBellHop8 days ago

I presume the Galveston commitment is relatively limited since they won’t have a ship there year-round in 2024. Could just change nothing from the existing schedule moving into 2025 and just add Treasure to PC.

cjkeating8 days ago

The birth is getting upgraded to the new fuel the Triton class uses so it is clearly intended to take them. They have a contractual obligation to passenger numbers so they are committed.

ToTBellHop9 days ago

Fantasy sailing from PC allows them to offer sailings to Lookout Cay from PC, which I’m sure is desirable since they can charge so much from PC. And I very much doubt they think Port Everglades is ready to support Dream and Fantasy in early 2025.

ToTBellHop9 days ago

Could Magic be there year round until Triton 3 arrives? How committed are they to Galveston? Or just continue having Dream there in the winter and Magic in the summer.

Tiggerish9 days ago

Well, that sounds great, if you’re right I will look forward to sailing on the Fantasy more often!

LAKid539 days ago

That's surprising. Then the 3rd Tritan class ship must be going to Port Everglades. I can't believe DCL would pay all that money to redo the birth it acquired from Carnival just to have ships there not on a full time basis.

ToTBellHop9 days ago

FYI Port Canaveral announced that 3 ships will sail from PC in 2025 (for how long, we will see): Wish, Treasure, and Fantasy. Fantasy moves to a new schedule (I presume 5/5/4 or 8/6 nights). No real surprise—no shortage of people willing to add a cruise to a WDW trip.