Live Streaming Now: The virtual grand reveal of the Disney Treasure

Sep 05, 2023 in "Disney Treasure"

Posted: Tuesday September 5, 2023 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The virtual grand reveal of the Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, begins September 5 at 11 am ET.

Watch below to find out never-before-released details showcasing the dining, family entertainment and unique spaces coming to the sixth ship in the fleet.

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BrianLo11 days ago

Without any context before reading the post, I thought it was themed to Soul. It’s not a bad choice, it’s just perhaps too subtle.

Disone11 days ago

Then agreed. Sorry I thought you sidebarred to the adventure. I guess I was being a dinghy 🙂 see what I did there! But I was just commenting about this. I'm impressed with what they're doing to the treasure versus the wish. So I share that with you. I'm a little underwhelmed with the aristocats bar. I was super excited to hear about it but the execution seems a little bit lackluster. A cute neon sign and some cute paw prints on the piano, but I agree with whoever stated it should be more of an old European look, And it definitely doesn't have that. But that's a small qualm and otherwise what looks to be by all means a huge improvement over the first ship in the class.

BrianLo11 days ago

This is the DCL treasure thread. I’m talking about Treasure v. Wish ☺️

Disone11 days ago

Well to be fair.... Royal Caribbean isn't buying stars of the seas from someone else and converting it to a Royal Caribbean ship. They're building it from scratch and same for Viva at Norwegian Cruise line. They've already spent tons of money and the design and development of those ships. Disney bought this ship on the cheap and is now spending the money to make it a Disney ship.

BrianLo11 days ago

I’m pretty impressed how much differentiation Disney is sinking into this one. The other cruise lines aren’t really making these broader sweeping modifications to their second ships. I expect the majority of Star of the Seas will be indistinguishable to Icon, as Viva is to Prima. It also feels like DCL has a lot longer leash on what franchises they pick than the parks do.

Disone14 days ago

Great suggestion! I think that's what I was feeling when I said it needs to be in an alley.

C33Mom14 days ago

I was thinking of skipping Treasure because (while I like Wish fine) I really couldn’t imagine two or three nights in World of Marvel…but my kids love GotG and Groot, so now I’m reconsidering. Of course, our advance booking window for the next set of sailings already passed.

Disney Analyst14 days ago

I feel they need to go full Cats in the attic scene, or very Paris, european, old timey.

Disone14 days ago

To be fair there are cat paw prints all over the piano and a wall mural too, but still a fair point. Should look more like outside alley then a bougie lounge. But they do have a neat glass that the cat drink will be served in. There may be other details to discover as well. Time will tell.

Disney Analyst14 days ago

If you had zero context, would you know that’s a lounge themed to the aristocats? Apart from the neon quote on the wall? Huh?

davis_unoxx14 days ago

Is there any POTC themed areas with Jack Sparrow onboard? Would make sense given the name of the ship.

HoustonHorn15 days ago

Don't forget Genie (the character), Genie (the worthless AI plan-your-day that really wanted everyone to ride the carousel) and Genie+ (current paid fastpass), as well as Lightning Lane Singlepass (new ILL) and Lightning Lane Multipass (new paid fastpass for most rides, but not those on Lightning Lane Singlepass, because why would it?). SMDH

Doberge15 days ago

I still confuse Artist Point, Artist Palette and Animator's Palette and now there's Scat Cat's Lounge and Scat Cat's Club (which of course is a lounge). From the same marketing team signing off on a movie and ship both both named Wish.

DCBaker15 days ago

Here are a couple renderings and details of Scat Cat Lounge and Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure: Calling all cat lovers and Disney Animation fans, this announcement is for you! A brand-new lounge themed to the 1970 Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, “The Aristocats” is marked to open onboard the Disney Treasure when it sets sail this December. Named for everyone’s favorite music-loving feline from the film, Scat Cat Lounge will bring the groovy penthouse performance of “Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat” into the real world for the first time. Plans for the venue combine the elegance of an old-school jazz club with artistic references to “The Aristocats.” Details of Marvel Celebration of Heroes: Groot Remix: A brand-new “Guardians of the Galaxy” dinner show is debuting at Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure! Following the structural completion milestone of the Disney Treasure in December 2023, the team in Papenburg, Germany has been focused on building out the interior spaces of the ship. This work includes preparations to bring Disney Cruise Line’s immersive Marvel-themed dining experience, Worlds of Marvel, to the Disney Treasure. In light of the progress being made, Ship’s Log readers are among the first to learn about the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” dinner show coming to Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure titled, “Marvel Celebration of Heroes: Groot Remix.” The story will follow Groot as he brings guests along for an on-screen quest to throw the ultimate surprise party for his friend, Rocket. All the while, diners will eat to the beat of an “awesome mix” of hit songs and can test their knowledge of the Marvel universe with trivia for the whole family. The new show will be offered to guests during one of two distinct nights at Worlds of Marvel, where they will also experience “Avengers: Quantum Encounter,” which first premiered on the Disney Wish.