The Disney Treasure embarks on next construction phase

Mar 28, 2024 in "Disney Treasure"

Posted: Thursday March 28, 2024 12:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared a first look at The Disney Treasure being set afloat at the Meyer Werft Shipyard Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany and on its way to the next phase of construction.

Announced in 2022 and the sixth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, The Disney Treasure, is set to make its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024, from Port Canaveral, Florida. The ship will offer seven-night Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries.

Find out more about everything you will find onboard The Disney Treasure, including Skipper Society, inspired by Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion Parlor, and Tomorrow Tower Suite, inspired by EPCOT.

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C33Mom20 hours ago

🤣 I like it because (if you are willing to forget you’re on a giant cruise ship) I think it actually feels like you could just be a random rich person on a space yacht glimpsing places that you know from the movies…but I bet Disney is now wishing they just replicated Mos Eisley cantina complete with animatronic band, since I’m clearly in the minority. I’m so happy about this and honored to be invited. Do you go each September? Trying to decide who would be more upset—my husband left behind watching the kids for a week or my kids when they learned I did the Treasure without them after they’ve been begging me to sail on it to no avail for a year. 🤣

HauntedPirate21 hours ago

My mistake, I thought capacity was slightly higher in the Triton class ships (like 5% more total), but they are in fact the same.

Tiggerish22 hours ago

No, I'm.pretty sure we got walked off the ship from.concierge...I may have blocked the memory in favor overall lack.of enthusiasm for the ship's design. The door was 😎 The drinks were stupid expensive. 😬 I thought the bubble.smoke (or smoke bubble) thing was overused (in every single bar, plus mixology, where you're supposed to be able to replicate the drinks at home!). I'm married to a big SW fan and have assimilated (see.what I did there 😎) quite a bit of SW lore, and I never even noticed any of the Easter eggs on screen, probably because I was busy internally criticizing the inferior decor and how it lacked any sense of Star Wars. 😆 No joke, you've convinced me to reconsider. And if you think you'd like to get away any September with a bunch of like-minded ladies, you should join us! In fact, if I do change my mind, I'm.going to need a roommate. 😉😎

C33Mom22 hours ago

We had one disembarkation (of 7) that wasn’t a nightmare, but all it’s done is made it harder for me to accept the reality of Disney disembarkation being about as bad as the Test Track lightening lane experience. I see you said you did concierge once on Wish— was that disembarkation equally awful? Do you know how late you can stay in the lounge? We are supposed to be doing it for a Christmastime sailing this year and the two main reasons I’m willing to fork over extra $$ are because I want a Cabana on CC and I want to disembark in a more civilized manner. So I am pretty big SW fan— I think it would have been possible to do a bit more, but just opening the “air lock” doors was super fun for me. Also enjoy the somewhat exotic drinks and between or 2022 sailing and our 2023 sailing they introduced a weird smoke bubble gun that added extra whimsy. We also enjoyed identifying spaceships and other easter eggs on the screen as we jumped from planet to planet. I think making it less razzle dazzle Disney (lightsaber glowing swizzle sticks?) and more low key luxury ship works for super fans but maybe seems boring if you don’t get excited identifying spacecraft. No judgment either way, but I think you should reconsider. I’d pick a cruise on an awful ship with friends over a cruise on my favorite ship (which isn’t a DCL ship) without them. Will Treasure have most of the same problems as Wish? Probably! Can you still have a good time? I bet yes. One final note if anybody at DCL reads this: it would be much easier to overlook the dining room shortcomings if they kept the better (BBQ and/or Mexican buffet) poolside dining options open through at least 8pm.

Tiggerish23 hours ago

There is so.much the restaurants on the classic ships, much more.pleasant dining experience. The Tangled restaurant on the Magic is a good time. Being completely honest, my one cruise on the Wish was my first time sailing concierge, so.I was determined to "get my moneys worth" and spent so.much the lounge that I didn't get to try any of the pool.deck.eateries (I was really looking the BBQ but ran out of time). I had breakfast in Marceline Market twice,and found it comparable to Cabanas.

Tiggerish23 hours ago

I would be hard a pressed to choose between the two. As.mentioned, the Fantasy has the edge in the adult area, but that chandelier on the Dream...😍 😂 Fact. Not even average, but every single time... My first Dream cruise was 4 nights, believe it.or not with a bunch of wonderful ladies who.all.met.on this forum, and as.soon as.I got home I husband we had to go. I let him.choose and he went with a 3-night "in case he didn't". His second DCL was a 5-night on the Magic to Canada, and from then on, he refuses to.consider anything less.than five nights. We've done 8-night on the Wonder, and a transatlantic is on his bucket list. I was very disappointed in the Hyperspace.Lounge. Thought they could have done a LOT more with the theming, the screen is the only thing that suggests " outer space " Indeed. How nimble must a 60-something woman be to go out under the that? We were equally horrified that it was the only way out, and impressed she was 😁 The ladies that I sail.with have chosen the Treasure for next years Sadly, streak.of 10+ sailings with the group, because after the Wish, I just have no desire for Treasure.

mickEblu23 hours ago

See that’s a big one. For me dinner is the main event. Not being comfortable there would be a huge let down. I liked our table placements on the Dream. Don’t remember what requests I made but it all worked out. Enchanted Garden we had a table for 8 with our backs to an empty bar in the back of the room. Royal Palace we had a half booth in the center of the room. Animators Palette had a table by a screen in one of the little rooms alongside the main dining room.

C33Mom23 hours ago

I can’t say exactly why but we prefer Fantasy to Dream— I suspect this is because our first Dream cruise was very short. We keep ending up on 3 day sailings because our vacation days are precious but in my opinion (especially as a new or Silver CC member) embarkation and disembarkation days are a terrible value (and disembarkation is downright miserable on average)— so 5+ night sailings are actually a MUCH better ratio of fun to hassle. We like the Wish a lot but a few of our favorite spaces (Arendelle and Hyperspace Lounge) are getting replaced on Treasure. I get that like 99% of people think these are upgrades but it’s not for moi. Our kids want to sail all the ships so we’ll probably do it eventually but 7 days seems like way too much. I think we’ll do the Adventure (out of Singapore) first. So true. Somehow we always (2 of 2 sailings) get crammed into a corner and I’m just now realizing I should be grateful that we aren’t backed up against another table. We have had the banquettes that are perpendicular to the stage, which worked well but required sharing a large table with strangers, which is not our jam. We were a party of 5 on our Wish sailings so that may have impacted it. Totally unacceptable and honestly horrifying.

cjkeating23 hours ago

I've done all five DCL ships and the Wish felt by far the most crowded. Dining room tables almost touching the table next to you, no seats in the buffet, people getting turned away from the theatre, venues too small for activities.

Tiggerish23 hours ago

To your last sentence, I didn't lose it,that was clear to me, and its totally reasonable. My first two DCL cruises were on the Dream, because it did captivate me (clearly didn't have the same effect on you,which is fine). Then I sailed on the Magic, and the smaller ship.was even more attractive to us. I've sailed on all.four original ships, plus the Wish. The Fantasy is laid out the the Dream but has different theming (and, IMO, a way better adult area). The Wonder (as you know) has the same relationship to the Magic, yet I much prefer the Magic. I didn't love the Wish, and as a result have no interest in the Treasure. You may find that you like the layout of the Triton class ships (Wish, Treasure) The show is definitely distracting. The food is good. The tables are FARTOOCLOSETOGETHER for the comfort of guests or waitstaff. At least in the, the screens on both sides allow all.diners to see.the entire show. In the Frozen restaurant, you are again squashed together, but the tables are.arranged so that half of the diners have their backs to the stage. Definitely less.than enjoy the show. Similar.experience in 1923, the ambience is wonderful, but we were a group of 20.adults, and they seated us at a long table along the back wall, half of us on a banquette, the other half facing on chairs, with no space between the tables. One of the group who was seated on the banquette and use the restroom halfway through dinner, rather than have several people.squeeze out of their seats and through the between our table and the next, actually crawled.under the table to get out. Once was.enough for me, if you choose to.sail on the Wish, I hope you have a better experience.

mickEblu1 day ago

lol no judgment here. A little adult time is nice. We love Hawaii though and we've never done Aulani so that should probably happen before another cruise for us. We also haven't done Oahu together (I went I was 12). We have done Maui and Kauai. From what I've heard from friends though 3 days at Aulani is enough? Then maybe do 4 days in Honolulu. It sounds like you're really at Disneys mercy when you're at Aulani. Not a lot of food options nearby other than the 4 Seasons? I want my local hole in the wall spots where I can go grab a "plate lunch." Yeah if we ever do the Wish on a 4 day cruise I'm definitely requesting only 1 night at Worlds Of Marvel. Just to be clear the Dream was a great ship and I have nothing against it. It's just that if I were to do another Disney Cruise I'd want to see a different ship. I feel like that may have been lost in translation.

C33Mom1 day ago

I I agree with basically everything you’ve said except I continue to like all Castaway Cay cruises a little better than Aulani (though we do like Aulani and try to make it there every 18-24 months or so)— Aulani has limited childcare options that are mostly midday, and even more limited adult only areas…DCL has nearly unlimited childcare from like 8AM to midnight, and then adult only pool, cafe, restaurant areas… to be clear, we don’t actually pawn our kids off on Disney all vacation, but they do love spending 3-4 hours there in the evening while we have a nice dinner or enjoy a drink and adult only trivia. I think the Worlds of Marvel show is fun, if a bit cheesy (I’ve liked Paul Rudd since Clueless)—but it is honestly not great for a family dinner because there are giant screens playing marvel clips 24/7 and if a single member of your family is easily distracted it’s hard to carry a conversation. We’ve actually never done 1923, we always end up skipping it for Enchanté—but it appears to be the best food option, so maybe we should skip WoM next time. 🤔

mickEblu1 day ago

See you get it, haha. The conclusion I came to is based on all factors ( mostly the kids/ food) is that it's Wish/ Treasure or bust being that our first cruise was on the Dream. The food at 1923 looks pretty good and the buffet like you said looks much better on the Wish. My daughter would love the Frozen themed dinner show. I think having one of the main dining rooms be Marvel themed is a weird choice though. It should have been Animators Palette or an equivalent. The Wish also has an equivalent to the Aquaduck while the Magic/ Wonder do not. Castaway Cay was awesome and if I ever do another Disney cruise I'll probably seek out one that stops at Disneys islands twice. You're getting everything you need out of a port of call with out the hassle. With all of the said, I don't see myself flying to Orlando just to cruise. It would have to be attached to a WDW trip and now you're talking $$$$. Lol exactly. Ive been to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun a bunch of times. I wouldn't t even get off the ship at Ensenada. I agree the value isn't there on the Disney Mexico cruises. If it was one of the newer ships I'd consider it. But im not paying top dollar for an older ship that's less fun for the kids that's going to places I've been to numerous times. This conversation makes me realize that Aulani probably makes more sense than anything right now haha.

C33Mom1 day ago

We have done all 5 ships and have done the Wish twice (though Dream/Fantasy is probably our favorite for the adult areas)… I think your 8yo is the boy? If so, I think the Wish class will be a ton of fun for him, especially if he loves Marvel. Our 9yo (girl) loves their kids clubs and my 7yo loves hero zone and Marvel dining room. The Aqua Mouse is like Aqua Duck with screens. I personally like Magic standard dining better than Wish, but it’s because I adore the Rapunzel dining room, that your younger one might appreciate, not sure how your other kid feels about Tangled. If you like fine dining, Enchante on Wish is 1000x better than Palo on Magic/Wonder. You might also like the pool food/buffet on Wish better— they have BBQ (which is consistently good if not great) and what my kids call “Chipotle at sea”. We are west coasters…I’ve done Wonder out of San Diego for convenience and honestly feel that it isn’t as good of a value, even when not paying for flights, because the best part of DCL (to me) is family time at Castaway Cay. Ensenada is not an acceptable alternative, lol.