Revamped Dining Room Unveiled at EPCOT's San Angel Inn Restaurante

Jun 12, 2024 in "San Angel Inn Restaurant"

San Angel Inn's New Dining Room - June 2024
Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2024 10:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's Mexico pavilion is home to one of the park's most unique dining spots, the San Angel Inn Restaurante, which recently underwent some updates. Here's a quick look at what's new.

The dining room now features a mix of booth seating and traditional tables, offering more intimate and comfortable options compared to the previous long rows of tables.

The new layout utilizes space more effectively, providing guests with more personal space and comfort. The less densely packed seating arrangement creates a more relaxed dining environment.

New ambient lighting, featuring hanging lanterns on newly installed support poles, enhances the familiar, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

The updated decor includes table settings with white tablecloths, blue napkins, small lamps, and patterned booth backs.

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solidyne29 days ago

Those are at perimeter walls, however. Just sayin'...😁 Is that first one a back yard? LOL

Centauri Space Station29 days ago

It’s not unheard of for outdoor seating to have booths

JoeCamel29 days ago

I think Nikola Tesla would have another plan and it would be way cool

Andrew2529 days ago

Table lamps use battery

mysto29 days ago

Maybe they needed fixed dividers to run electrical to the table lamps? They could have transmitted the power via microwave (an actual thing). Would help keep the food hot too.

solidyne30 days ago

This is the problem exactly! Outdoor booths? Illusion blown.

Club Cooloholic30 days ago

I would assume too that booths will somewhat limit their ability to set up for various party sizes and accommodate larger groups.

UNCgolf30 days ago

I agree that the booths look strange and detract from the theming, but I still like that it seems less crowded than before.

Club Cooloholic31 days ago

You will never see this kind of set up in an al fresco table dining setup, which is one of the things I thought San Angel did well to create, an outdoors inside feel. I actually like the lights strung up on the poles, gives it a village vibe,but the booths should go, and I say that as someone who always requests a booth lol!

Henry MysticJun 15, 2024

It’s never any good. Even on the best days it’s average Mexican food at best, which is a shame because the environment is among Disney’s best.

Virtual ToadJun 14, 2024

I was trying to figure out why the refurb looked "off" to me and I think you've hit the nail on the head. The restaurant was designed look like an outdoor eating space with a view of a volcano; now it looks like a real-world restaurant plopped down inside a show building. The booths, which look pretty off-the-shelf, also seem to throw off the scale of the volcano in the background for some reason, further breaking the immersion and sense of place. I for one didn't mind the dark and mysterious atmosphere, but yes, reading the menu wasn't easy and I can see how folks might enjoy the brighter lighting and separation from other tables. Lighting is everything and I'd have to see it in person before making a final judgement I suppose. Question-- what if they gave Biergarten the same treatment?

JoeCamelJun 14, 2024

Well if you spill your margarita in your lap.......

WeNamedTheDogIndianaJun 14, 2024

China and Japan may have sticky rice, but Mexico could soon have sticky thighs!

RMcCoy95Jun 14, 2024

Ate there with the family this weekend. It was great. Much more room. Lighting is better, so you can read the menu; however, it wasn’t noticeable enough to really impact the ambiance. We thought the feel was great. The only “downside” (if you call it that), is it feels a bit more like a normal restaurant. It used to feel like a bunch of tables randomly set up on the street. All in all, it’s a win IMO!