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Feb 04, 2017 in "Paddlefish"

Paddlefish tour
Posted: Saturday February 4, 2017 8:53am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following a year of renovations, the completely rebuilt Empress Lilly reopens today as Paddlefish, the latest addition to the formidable dining line-up at Disney Springs.

Located in The Landing in the space formerly known as Fulton's Crab House, the restaurant has a brand new look both inside and out.

Taking design cues from a modern luxury yacht, the colors palette is a mix of cool grays and whites, providing a distinctly upscale appearance throughout.

The designers have made clever use of the space on all three levels, with multiple bars, lounges and dining rooms.

Starting on the top deck, there is a unique open-air bar and lounge.

Seating is available through the top deck, in large groups, and more intimate tables for two.

Standing tables on the bow of the top deck offer an alternative to the couches and other seating.

The top deck also features private dining and event space.

Moving down to the mid-deck, you will find most of the dining space for lunch and dinner service.

A notable feature of the interior design is how the large restaurant space has been divided up into distinct areas. The restaurant seats nearly 800 guests, but is split into multiple spaces of around 100 guests, and each has its own look.

The lower level offers some beautiful water-side table seating.

Floor-to-ceiling windows mean you can't be much closer to the water.

Behind the paddlewheel on the lower level is more big-city style dining space, something closer to the STK Orlando dining room.

Towards the front on the lower level is the Boil Room, with its open kitchen, bar area, and more casual dining room.

Like the upper level bar, the lower level also has an outdoor deck with open-air bar counter seating.

Paddlefish really shines after dark, with the top deck open-air lounges available to 1am for drinks and small plate menu.

Paddlefish really makes use of its central Disney Springs location and its three story high top deck. The restaurant has arguably the best views in all of Disney Springs.

We will back for a full review of the restaurant and its new seafood-centric menu soon. Based on the pre-opening samples that we got to try, the food has the quality to match the stunning look of the restaurant.

Stars of the seafood menu including Maine lobster, King and Snow crabs and a selection of fresh fish including sea bass, catfish and salmon

Interactive dining experiences include tableside services like Lobster Guacamole and Branzino for Two carved right at your table.

The cocktail menu is inspired by classic, turn-of-the-century American cocktails with a modern spin. Fresh ingredients and spirits that are house made by small craft artisan distillers.

View the full Paddlefish menu. Visit the gallery for more photos and a tour of Paddlefish.

Paddlefish opens to guests on February 4 2017, and offers lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Late night drinks and small plates are served until 1am.

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itsy bitsy spiderFeb 18, 2022

What a colossal mistake it was to replace Fulton. I've gotten used to seeing that crap in Disney though.

BocabearJul 06, 2021

It is a shame they could not have refreshed the boat without having to strip it down to looking like a freight barge. The original boat was beautiful and placemaking... This defurbishment just blends into the background... There are many other places at Disney Springs for a hundred dollar meal, this one is less engaging than others...Just a modern interior you can find anywhere...and kinda sad.

RambozoJul 06, 2021

I miss Fulton, this new version is very forgettable looking. It looks like a houseboat that Cary Grant would have lived in. I'm not that old, I just like old movies.

danlb_2000Feb 08, 2021

Looks like Paddledish had a leaky roof... Paddlefish - Install new interior drywall celling on 3rd level Paddlefish - Remove & re-install wood deck & repair waterproofing 2nd/3rd exterior levels

Marlins1Aug 17, 2017

I was there Saturday and loved it. Had the Cracker boil and it was one of the best meals I've had in years. Service and view from our table were great too.

eeyore_isno1May 16, 2017

Well, this is sad to hear. My wife and I got married on the deck of Fulton's back in 1998. Fulton's was the great loophole, to get married anywhere on Disney property started at obscene numbers like $10,000 and up. So we rented the deck from Fulton's for a few hundred, hired a justice of the peace over the internet, and had flowers done up by Goodings supermarket (who did an amazing job).

TDogg76Apr 18, 2017

It is not, which is why I do not blame Disney for this one!!

WDWBigEdApr 18, 2017

Correct Paddlefish, Portobello, & Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe are all owned by Levy Restaurants

Figment2005Apr 18, 2017

Sad to hear you had a bad experience, but I'm pretty sure Paddlefish is not Disney owned.

TDogg76Apr 17, 2017

Looking at the reviews I was hoping for great! I am here to give you a review that was not! My wife and I went in late March! We were greeted by a not so friendly host! We had reservations and he told us to wait for the table! While we waited, another couple came to the desk to let them know that "they were sat for 25 minutes before anyone came to them! Once someone did, the person said let me see if I can find someone!" Apparately no one came and they left! When it was time for us to be seated, a gentleman with ZERO personality walked us to our table! He then proceeded to just drop the menus on the table and walk away! My wife, who is a vegan, told the server and he stayed " there is not much on the menu"! Yes, being a vegan is challenging! However, every Disney owned restaurant always goes above and beyond for her! This was not the experience she had! I ordered the chicken salad sanwhich( which was good but way to much bread)! My wife had a salad with wilted ice burg! This restaurant was my pick and I hoped for so much more! Luckily this is not a Disney owned restaurant! Would I go back? Not a chance!

Walter YensidFeb 18, 2017

I went here last week for dinner with some family and was very impressed. Some people may miss the more 'traditional' feel of Fulton's as it is very modern, but honestly, I thought it all looked great and feels so much cleaner and open. They do some cool things where you feel you are on a modern cruise liner. Food was also great, serving size was not too large, but richness makes it very filling. Highly recommend the seats on the first floor near the water. With the floor to ceiling windows, you almost feel you are sitting outside on the water edge. Upstairs is great for the views. Only surprise was their limited bar selections. Going with an old-style bar menu is fine, but they did not have some staple liquors. But again, great visit.

LukeS7Feb 06, 2017

Thanks for actually knowing how to take a photo (unlike some other sites which shall not be named). A lot of these photos make me actually want to go there

flyerjabFeb 06, 2017

We have ours for the 15th of March! Can't wait!

wdwmagicFeb 06, 2017

Reservations now available for Paddlefish at Disney Springs