Final Lap: Last Chance To Experience Test Track 2.0 at EPCOT

Jun 15, 2024 in "Test Track"

Test Track Queue and Ride - June 2024
Posted: Saturday June 15, 2024 7:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This weekend is your last chance to ride the current version of Test Track, which will close at the end of operations on Sunday June 16, 2024, to begin work on the third version of the popular EPCOT thrill ride.

In this piece of concept art, we see the new entrance marquee revealing a more sleek arrival area. 

Disney previously announced that Imagineers, along with teams from Chevrolet, are reaching back into history for inspiration – from the original World of Motion – and bringing that spirit of optimism to the next iteration of the Test Track attraction at EPCOT.

The current version 2.0 of Test Track opened in December 2012, and as part of Chevrolet's sponsorship deal with Disney, the attraction is due for a refresh.

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Epcot81Fan3 hours ago

The nostalgia pandering is just sad.

OptimusPrime3 hours ago

Funnily enough, Test Track had the WoM pavilion logo in it iirc. Other than CommuniCore and the flags out front, I don’t think the pavilion logos are anywhere to be seen other than Test Track (and the Horizons logo in the Mission Space queue)

castlecake2.03 hours ago

Are we going to see the pavilion log used somewhere here? They made such a big deal about that and they never did anything with them at the actual pavilions

Moth4 hours ago

Listen might come back sooner than you think. As DreamfinderGuy said, there were plans for Tomorrow's Child that kinda never materialized. Maybe in SSE 5.

DreamfinderGuy4 hours ago

There were allegedly plans for both at some point. No excuse for them not to do it at The Land at the minimum, that ride is in need of a little refresh anyway

Coaster Lover6 hours ago

Cosmic Rewind nods to the UoE song, Test Track might nod to FtbF... I guess we now need a nod to "Tomorrow's Child" in the SSE redo and for Living with the Land to find a way to reintroduce "Listen to the Land"... the 80s child in me would be very happy...

pelham3049 hours ago

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!! It’s the way we need to live!

pelham3049 hours ago

It’s Fun to be free would be a fantastic return!!

Bocabear12 hours ago

A whole retro advertisement thing would be amazing... Add "It's Fun To Be Free" ...chronologically beginning with their first cars through the decades...and then as you head into the attraction you move into the future....

DreamfinderGuy12 hours ago

I don’t think we’ll see that as a preshow (curious if we’ll even get a preshow with this incarnation), but it wouldn’t surprise me to see that in the queue like the multiple Chevy videos in the queue for 2.0.

Rich Brownn12 hours ago

The only reason the song was replaced was GE was afraid it subtly told people to wait to purchase GE products. The fair, of course, was all about imagining the future.

TTA9413 hours ago

I could maybe see that happening before the launch outside. In the perfect world they’d enclose the outside track and have it there but we know that’s not happening.

ChrisFL14 hours ago

I wouldn't mind having a speed tunnel back like WoM had

michmousefan16 hours ago

If nostalgia is a big part of the new attraction, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a pre-show with a video presentation about the history of Chevrolet, packed with lots of vintage footage showing families hitting the road for vacation adventures in their Chevy.