Governor Ron DeSantis announces Florida will move to Phase 2 in its COVID-19 reopening process

Jun 03, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday June 3, 2020 12:44pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that Florida will move to a Phase 2 reopening from COVID-19 effective Friday June 5 2020.

The move to Phase 2 means that movie theaters, bars and concert venues can operate at 50% occupancy, restaurants, retail stores and gyms can operate at full capacity, and gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted.

Previous restrictions put retail stores at 50% capacity and prevented movie theaters and bars from operating.

As we saw with Phase 1, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach will be delayed in reaching Phase 2 and remain at Phase 1.

Walt Disney World will begin its phased reopening of the theme parks from July 11 2020. Disney Springs is already open with select retail and restaurants.

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matt91121 hour ago

Where are these magical employees you speak of....they dont exsist. Labor market is alarmingly tight and the cherry on top is all the people were going to be firing 🤣🤣 i just dont want to hear anybody complain of understaffed this or that. Whether you agree with vax or curb policys aside.

Lilofan2 hours ago

It is no secret that unvaccinated adults that are obese have a higher greater risk of contacting covid but then again dining in a number of food options in the South are limited. Try finding a fast food place easily that allows dine in option in several states, GA, NC, SC for example and if one is so lucky, select from the " limited " menu.

Lilofan2 hours ago

Customers remember that but what is easily forgotten is to tip your housekeeper.

Lilofan2 hours ago

Michelle Obama with the support of WDW did address childhood obesity when she came to ESPN Sports Complex at WDW approx 10 years ago to address this nationwide issue in her "Let's Move" campaign in an event that featured kids, their families and exercise/ dancing with the kids led by her in front of the cameras. Kudos to her!

Vegas Disney Fan4 hours ago

You left out drinking, 😉 During the lockdowns I gained about 15 pounds, I was riding my bike about 10 miles a day and doing a 30 minute “beach body“ cardio program everyday but that wasn’t enough to overcome the fact I was spending the other 15 hours a day isolated in my home in front of the TV snacking, drinking soda, having a cocktail or two every day, and generally being unhealthy. Even cooking at home everyday didn’t help because it was easier to make something like Mac n cheese than to make something healthy from scratch. Since I’ve gone back to work I’ve managed to lose about 10 pounds, 5 more to go, despite working out less per day. I’m burning more calories by just doing my job and I’m eating fewer calories because I’m too busy to snack, drinking is back to special occasions again also. I’ve done the RunDisney races since 2013 so I know many “large” runners who are in relatively good shape, its possible to be large and healthy, but they seem to be the exception. You can’t eat horribly, never exercise, etc and then not expect to have health problems.

Angel Ariel6 hours ago

Yes body shaming worked so well for years 🙄. Because when people feel horrible about themselves, they’re totally motivated to take care of themselves. Versus when they feel positive and happy in their own skin. as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have no hesitation saying I am much more able to take care of myself - ie exercise, eat right, get the sleep I need, etc - when I feel positive about myself than when I am depressed.

EpcoTim7 hours ago

Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Archie1237 hours ago

Whomp whomp.

EpcoTim8 hours ago

Not buying the fact that people were against healthy lunches, political leanings aside. Maybe they were against how they were funded or distributed, but not the meals themselves, except for, well, you know, the kids who had to eat them.

GoofGoof8 hours ago

Not buying what? We aren’t supposed to talk politics here.

EpcoTim8 hours ago

I’m not buying that one.

GoofGoof8 hours ago

It’s basic politics but since we aren’t supposed to talk about politics here I’ll leave it at that.

EpcoTim8 hours ago

Clear-cut and burning the rainforest for that cheap-beef burger at the World is bad for the environment?

EpcoTim8 hours ago

Ok, seriously, what’s your source on this?