Disney World Releases New In-Park EPCOT Guide Map For Summer 2024

29 days ago in "Walt Disney World Park and Resort Maps"

Posted: Tuesday June 18, 2024 8:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World has a new in-park guide map featuring the latest updates to EPCOT.

The new EPCOT map features Luminous fireworks on the front cover and includes the new Mickey & Friends character meet and greet and Festival Favorites kiosk located in World Celebration. Also show is CommuniCore Plaza and surrounding walkways, along with the new flex space on the rose walk between World Showcase and World Celebration.

Test Track remains on the map but is marked as "Closed Temporarily for Reimagination."


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bpiper10 hours ago

One of my 3 cats does that. It will just take off running at full throttle. Around the 1st floor of the house, up the stairs, make a circuit of upstairs and then back down the stairs and usually stops where he started at.... Funny thing is that it seems like it usually happens after he goes to the bathroom.....

Rhinocerous10 hours ago

I see. I'm allergic to dogs. And unsupervised children. Thanks all the same.

DCLcruiser10 hours ago

Run around to get out a lot of energy. It's called zoomies when dogs start running around your house.

Rhinocerous11 hours ago

Kids can do what, now? That sounds like slang for amphetamines. That can't possibly be legal, even in Florida.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Is WDW calling it a flex space? I'd call it a picnic area and place where kids can do zoomies.

Chef idea Mickey`=1 day ago

This is the ONLY Epcot Nostalgic thing you getting back! No Fountain Of Nations, no Illuminations!

tparris1 day ago

The flex space is bookended by two food booths, and there are a few more within 50 feet of it

Bocabear1 day ago

I will agree with you about needing tables for the food booths, but did not realize there were a lot of food booths on the Rose path... I thought most of them were around the showcase promenade.... But if there will be food booths in the area, then I would certainly be pleased with some seating and tables...

Epcot81Fan1 day ago

Don't forget the entire Wonders of Life pavilion! Where all of your "Flex Space" dreams can come true!

Centauri Space Station1 day ago

It does but it never did have a ride and saying it’s all flex space is in accurate

DCLcruiser1 day ago

It needs a ride, like the rest of them.

Centauri Space Station1 day ago

This is usually just used for festival booths so they are probably trying to make use while no festivals going on. Regarding Morocco, Spice Road is an anchor restaurant plus the bakery up front and shops. Tangerine serves skewers and breads atm and there’s the Race Against the Sun exhibit.

James Alucobond1 day ago

This one actually makes sense. It’s a nexus for a ton of food booths, and people were sick of eating on trash cans or out of their laps on benches. The shadeless table-less one over at CommuniCore is the one that’s genuinely puzzling.

Bocabear1 day ago

Why another Flex Space? I don't remember that question on the exit survey...Were people saying they really wish there were less gardens and attractions and more "Flex Space"? There is currently a gigantic empty pavilion that could become "Flex Space" Why would they need to build more... The entire Moroccan Pavilion is in danger currently of becoming Flex Space with the lack of any meaningful attraction there and no anchor restaurant...They have been treating the Magic Eye Theater as Flex Space for years instead of putting in a new permanent attraction... Enough with the Flex Space already....