PHOTOS - Star Wars hotel construction at Walt Disney World

May 08, 2019 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Star Wars hotel construction at Walt Disney World - May 2019
Posted: Wednesday May 8, 2019 9:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

These latest aerial photos show the current state of construction on the upcoming Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World.

The foundations of the two story hotel are now very clearly visible, and its position relative to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is now very apparent.

Disney is yet to provide an opening date for the hotel, or offer any specific details, but we did learn a lot about the resort from some recently revealed plans. You can read about that in a previous article.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by @cchard.

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Incomudro1 day ago

Never mind.

pdude811 day ago

Well I've done both and the Starcruiser for similar money is a much more memorable experience. It's a year and a half later and my son still talks about it. And he can't even remember which resort we stayed at most recently at WDW. IMO what individual people think is worth their money is exactly the point. You were arguing what is more valuable to you at a price point. The prior poster argued what is more valuable to them. And trust me, this is not a knock on Sandals in Jamaica. That's another great experience.

Disstevefan11 day ago

6K for both including airfare, all food and drinks including alcohol seems like a good deal to me! I guarantee you yellow pad all the costs to get the same vacation in a WDW vacation, I bet its double with food and drinks.

Incomudro1 day ago

LOL. I'm comparing the duration of time at the resort, plus what you get for it to what a stay at the Starcruiser costs. What one gets for a similar expenditure. ALL the food, all the drinks (alcoholic and otherwise) all day if you'd like. You can literally walk into restaurant after restaurant and continue eating if so inclined. Plus the water sports - including snorkeling excursions and scuba if one does them. My point isn't which trip appeals to which type of person.

OceanBlue3 days ago

Tbh that sounds a lot for that experience to me, further to travel, and maybe even boring (to me). I would have to be doing activities and experiences around the island to want to travel to another country to be at hotel with a pool, alcohol and a beach. So that would cost more money (for me). I don't think that kind of vacation is similar to Starcruiser. Starcruiser is the least relaxing thing ever, but was incredibly unique and I will really miss it. Day two I was getting 45 notifications about different missions and things going on. So not a place to go to "relax", it was extreme themed entertainment.

trainplane35 days ago

Isn't it just that guy that has no legal standing in the US but has been heavily commenting on the whole RCID thing? I have someone I know that just did the Starcruiser and loved it but they even said they see why it failed.

some other guy9 days ago

automatic monetization of videos is probably the single worst thing to happen to nerd gossip ever used to be you'd just burp out the paragraph of "somebody says somebody says that the project is on thin ice because blahblahblah" and now it's all ten minutes of nothing to say maybe something

UNCgolf9 days ago

He's not in contact with any legal experts. The "legal expert" in his videos is just doing political spin.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

I was once the keeper of the insider rumors. So, I know full well that Pro's inside contacts are very limited. Very limited. And I've seen his insider knowledge be wrong. Or, presented breathlessly here as a scoop, when our regular insiders have already given us that same scoop earlier. He has presented information already widely available here and on the internet as his insider knowledge. But he uses what he gets to make himself out to be someone who knows so much more with his infamous sefl-report-card of 87% accuracy (which another forum member quickly debunked). And he's trying to monetize his "insider knowledge" with being an expert interviewed on other YouTube channels or writing articles for Disney fan sites. And when he gets dumped from them he starts his own channel with the cringyest thumbnails and makes it all about anti-Disney nerdrage for the clicks and the bucks. Don't be taken in. Even if he had some real, inside knowledge, it's wrapped up in a poison sandwich. We already have better insider sources here who have been kind enough to reveal what they can without monetizing it and without hateful ranting.

lazyboy97o9 days ago

His self-reported millionty percent accuracy is not true. Just simple basics on things like the law his “experts” get wrong and are themselves known charlatans. People who spew out volumes of vague nonsense aren’t actually right, they’ve just tossed enough garbage at the wall and claim the tiniest spec as proof they were right all along no matter how much it contradicts anything else they’ve spewed out.

Dragonman9 days ago

I’m not trying to start anything but if you actually watch the videos and see for yourself, many things they have said have ended up coming true because they are in contact with actual insiders, legal experts and analysts who are often in the videos. Also yes KK is almost always in thumbnails for clicks but a lot of the time the actual video content is better or different than what it appears. Many people tend to disregard people like Pro as “trolls” but if you actually take the time to really listen to what they’re saying it’s often stuff that they’re analyzing from actual websites, not made up “rumours”. If you want an actual troll look up Mike Zeroh who obviously makes up stuff on a daily basis just for fun.

MisterPenguin10 days ago

Pro isn't an insider. And his content is ridiculous. Not to mention a bad case of Kathleen Kennedy derangement syndrome (or not and it just brings in the clicks)... 742638 742639 You'll find videos claiming Kennedy is firmly in charge because Ahsoka 'girl power' is all because of Kennedy along with rumors about how everyone in Disney/LucasFilm hates her and so any power she has has been taken away and she's just a figurehead.

Dragonman10 days ago

Here’s a good video explaining exactly why it had to close

celluloid11 days ago

Tarzan is the perfect example for me. I was working at the DRC and there was a survey given for meeting characters at Animal Kingdom. Disney was done with Tarzan daily in their minds anyway and was ready to end that cost. They would survey guests how many met Tarzan near the Tree of Life after meeting all the other characters. They intentionally placed Tarzan's meet far around the bend of the Tree so that as others met the characters there in larger numbers, he was not noticed, so the data looked like no one really cared to meet him in comparison. They got the answers they wanted.