A look at the refreshed Adventureland marquee at Magic Kingdom

15 days ago in "Adventureland"

Refreshed Adventureland entrance marquee - September 2021
Posted: Thursday September 2, 2021 9:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Taking place alongside the updates to the Jungle Cruise, Disney has also been at work on refreshing the Adventureland marquee at Magic Kingdom.

Over the past few months, various pieces have been removed, restored, and replaced. During the work, it did seem like some of these items were being permanently removed, but most have returned.

The marquee has been unchanged for a few weeks, suggesting that this is now the finished product, and it all looks rather good.

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Movielover15 days ago

Thanks, had not been following this one so I had no idea what was being refreshed.

James Alucobond15 days ago

It was refreshing of the props themselves that required their removal. The shields were repainted, the spears were adorned with more colorful grass ornamentation, etc.

Movielover15 days ago

So was this just a extensive cleaning? Did they rebuild the structure which required the removal of props?

dreday315 days ago

Nice! Very happy with how "refreshed" MK will be looking when we arrive!

wdwmagic15 days ago

Yep it looks good. I can't really spot anything missing in this final version. Anyone else?

999th Happy Haunt15 days ago

Looks great, glad the shields are back. Looks like nothing was really removed after all.