Disneyland Cast Members switch their nametag hometown for a favorite character for the launch of the Disney100 Celebration

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Posted: Tuesday January 24, 2023 1:56pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the launch of the Disney100 Celebration, Disneyland Cast Members are receiving their new platinum Disney100 nametags, which, for the first time, feature the name of their favorite character instead of their hometown.


Disneyland Resort Cast will be wearing the new nametags throughout the yearlong celebration which begins January 27 2023. Watch below to see some of the Cast receive theirs.

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waltography22 hours ago

I was scrolling through TikTok and saw a live that showed the castle decor and it indeed does have some spotlights on the fairies to color them, but it's a super subtle effect. Also, this is cute:

TP20004 days ago

Have you read some of the things that pass as "journalism" in Rolling Stone in the past decade? It's all about as accurate and truthful and expertly fact-checked as claiming Disneyland is turning 100 this year. The University of Virginia, the makers of Ivermectin, the state of Oklahoma, and several others could only wish for the inaccuracies and outright lies in Rolling Stone reporting to be this minor and 32 years off! Anyone with half a brain who still reads Rolling Stone should expect this level of professionalism, or lack thereof, from them.

TP20004 days ago

Good news, but.... Oh for freaks sake! What numbskull idiot cancelled this program in the first place? And then why would you need a ridiculously meaningless press statement like this to restart something you canned only two weeks ago? “Innovation and change are part of the fabric of the Disneyland Resort,” according to Disneyland officials. “With the relaunch of the All-American College Band program, we remain committed to offering educational experiences that embrace the ever-evolving educational landscape of colleges and universities across the country while continuing to reflect the magical and memorable experiences that are uniquely Disney.” Read that above statement again, and try to hold down the puke. 🤢 The ability to use so many words to explain a band of fresh-faced college kids playing snappy music every summer in an amusement park is breathtaking. And yet not unexpected in today's world of many, many words that say very, very little. Just admit you screwed up by cancelling the All-American College Band and move on. Do the same thing you've done for the past 50 years and recruit a band for this summer. Done! It's not rocket science or "innovation", it's a college kid band at an amusement park. :rolleyes:

Disney Analyst4 days ago

Disneyland is the heart of the company imo. It deserves to be the centre of the 100th.

Californian Elitist4 days ago

I’m aware of this, but the “heart” (Disney’s words) of the celebration is taking place here, specifically at Disneyland. Disneyland is at the center of it, as it should be.

wtyy214 days ago

This is not only DLR-WDW celebration, but also global celebration with centerpiece and majority of events have taken place at Disneyland Resort in California, the birthplace of TWDC. So, not only WDW will get a part of celebration, but also Disney Cruise Line (coincides with its own 25th anniversary), International Disney theme parks and resorts also get involved in some own ways (TDR celebrate its 40th coincided with Disney100). Additionally, there also Disney100: The Exhibition at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, London, and Munich, Disney100: The Concert in many cities across the world, and even Disney100 event at Jewel Changi Airport. These events formed a large part of the worldwide Disney100 celebration outside of theme parks.

Californian Elitist4 days ago

Exactly. The bulk of the celebration should be in California in general, especially in Los Angeles, given the history. It makes sense to have it at Disneyland, once again, given the history with it being the first Disney park. WDW will eventually get a piece of the celebration.

BuzzedPotatoHead894 days ago

While I agree with the sentiment in theory, if it’s a celebration of the company itself it does make sense to have it at least partially in and around the greater Los Angeles area where the company was founded, which includes DL as a prominent touch point in the history of TWDC. Ideally WDW would play a prominent role too, though but after the embarrassment that was the 50th I think we need to emphasize and embolden your own point above.

SuddenStorm4 days ago

It should be at Walt Disney World. The huge complex that encompasses more than just a couple theme parks and a strip mall and, with the proper management, would be better suited for the event from a logistics standpoint. The problem is, the Disneyland Resort is too much ingrained around Disneyland. Even DCA doesn't have it's own identity in the public eye- it's just an extension of Disneyland proper. So of course any large celebration would be attributed to Disneyland.

MisterPenguin4 days ago

It should be taking place at Iger's mansion open to the public.

SuddenStorm4 days ago

I mean, for people like us who live and breathe Disneyland it seems like a silly mistake. And Rolling Stone should do their research. But it is kind of confusing to have a Disney100 celebration at Disneyland so I can see how that mistake could be made.

wtyy214 days ago

Rolling Stones mistakenly say Disneyland "celebrate its (theme park) 100th anniversary", however the park itself is not open until 1955 and this year is actually 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company and hosted at DL.

SuddenStorm4 days ago

I'm not a fan that the monorail has become a moving billboard for the resort. I mean, it's not a city bus. But I digress.

CaptinEO5 days ago

Do we still have Disney Bros Studios banner?