VIDEO - Disney Skyliner dedication moment

Sep 28, 2019 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner Dedication Moment
Posted: Saturday September 28, 2019 7:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Skyliner was officially dedicated in a short ceremony yesterday at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

Walt Disney World's latest transportation system officially opens to guests on Sunday September 29 after 2 years construction, months of testing and previews.

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pdude8118 days ago

It would be pretty easy if they were sweeping or pulling trash at the bus depot. Also have you seen the platoon of buses that hang out with the Marquee reading "Waiting to refill my pixie dust"? They already do some of this, just at a smaller level.

dsinclair18 days ago

If they're in the middle of one of these odd jobs it would probably take some time to get them away from that task, if it's one that can be stopped midway, briefed on whatever route they're jumping to, onto a bus, and then out to where needed. It's not like someone can be instantly transported from sweeping to waiting behind the drivers seat at a Skyliner station.

doctornick18 days ago

It certainly rained a number of times, but we never had a problem with it. As I mentioned one time it stopped for a bit and they had the announcement, but it restarted (that was on the Epcot line). We otherwise found it very quick and efficient, both getting on and the ride itself. We had some times we rode when it was at least a light rain without problem. There was one night we were leaving Epcot after the fireworks and it was down. They were making announcements - and had people inside the turnstiles - indicating that the Skyliner was down and to go to the front of the park to catch a bus which were running. Didn't affect us as we were at Beach Club and walking, but I could see how that would bothersome that you'd have to walk back to the other side of the park. but, they did at least seem to have activated it and were vocal about letting people know. How good the bus substitute ended up being, I don't know.

Edward Jackson18 days ago

You are right I did misunderstand. If you need to change the transportation method, do it and do it efficiently. The worst time I have had in any vacation is standing waiting for a bus to get me back my resort.

pdude8118 days ago

They can pay 5 people $15 an hour in the middle of the day in the summer to run extra routes elsewhere or do odd jobs until they are needed to pick up more routes. Stranding people in bad weather makes the very angry and can generally be avoided with prior proper planning. If your not also pinching pennies

CaptainAmerica18 days ago

I think you misunderstod my point. I agree that they should send out the buses and stop running the Skyliner in bad weather, I just think they're inefficient at it. We waited FOREVER for the buses every time it rained because Disney wasn't fast enough to deploy them for CBR and Riviera.

Edward Jackson18 days ago

Honestly, I am glad they do. I was coming into the Riviera Station one night and we stopped just on the way down over the highway, it began to rain a little and the wind picked-up. I really did not enjoy that part of the ride and would have been fine in a bus.

JoeCamel19 days ago

Back in the day I considered the monorail the best ride there

matt911219 days ago

I mean to be fair they probably cant keep a bunch of drivers just loafing around. The whole idea is to not need that right? So to scramble the fleet os legitimately probably calling people to come in coupled with pulling buses off other services aka reducing the product for other guests.

CaptainAmerica19 days ago

Did you deal with any weather on the trip? We loved the Skyliner as well, but Disney was absolutely horrible about scrambling their bus fleets quickly when the Skyliner had to go down for weather.

doctornick19 days ago

Just want to say that we went to WDW for the first time since this opened 2 weeks ago and my kids absolutely loved the Skyliner. To the extent that it was probably among their favorite "rides" in the whole resort. We stayed at Beach Club and used it as our primary mode to DHS (we used the ferry once and they were not as happy with that). Never had problems except one time we stopped for maybe 5 minutes with the warning announcement coming on. The transfer at CBR was smooth and easy - even when we were going for rope drop, the line was small and we got through quickly. I will say that the cabins are indeed quite cool with the air flow despite the hot/humid weather outside. We had fun looking at the different wraps as we would travel along. I definitely would be all for them putting this type of system in other places in WDW. At least some sort of AKL/DAK/Blizzard Beach/Coronado set up (probably having to incorporate the All Stars to make it enough rooms to be worthwhile).

DobergeMay 27, 2021

The EPCOT line's "problem" is having Riviera in the middle with no dedicated spot off the line, hence ECVs and the like to force the line to slow. Disney gets a lot of "bang for the buck" with the existing system servicing two parks, two huge values, a huge moderate, and a DVC resort. It's easier to put that cost into the many rooms and two parks kor however it's allocated. The Port Orleans, SSR, OKW resort cluster only gets enough combined rooms to about what POP and AoA give, and maybe it only links to EPCOT? Seems like a more expensive proposition with way less benefit to Disney. The All Stars + Coronado + AK would be a lot with little park payoff that it seems unlikely too. Anyway, yes I saw multiple parties boarded together. EPCOT station has also begun using the station switchbacks with no plastic barrier. They had been not using the switchbacks because of physical distancing (and no barriers) but the decision to start boarding multiple parties together made avoiding switchbacks foolhardy. I think we'll also soon see shaded switchbacks reopened on attractions that previously only partially used, and this will soon help pull people back into normal queues and out of extended queues that extended far past entrances and into the blazing heat.

Magic FeatherMay 26, 2021

Because it’s not. Disney knows that at this point too. The determination seems to be that any gondola that would run longer than the Epcot line would likely be too long. Personal guess: the next major transportation infrastructure will either be something to tie in Coronado, or the “length of the property” transit THATS been talked about forever. I’d expect neither to happen within the next few years.

MansionButler84May 26, 2021

A lot of people walk like my family. I see them on the path. Especially at park open and close. What’s another 1500 steps when you are hitting 30k/day? Being able to walk somewhere from AKL would make me willing to book there. I won’t right now because of the buses.