VIDEO - Disney Skyliner dedication moment

Sep 28, 2019 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner Dedication Moment
Posted: Saturday September 28, 2019 7:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Skyliner was officially dedicated in a short ceremony yesterday at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

Walt Disney World's latest transportation system officially opens to guests on Sunday September 29 after 2 years construction, months of testing and previews.

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mmascari4 days ago

There are two sides, but not so much for to Riviera or to CBR. There's a side that's from the HUB and to EPCOT. Then, the other side is from EPCOT and to the HUB. You get on/exit on the side you're traveling. There's no crossing the line inside the station. The nice covered walkway from Riviera only goes to one side. To get to EPCOT, you have to walk around uncovered from Riviera to the far side.

trainplane34 days ago

Ya I wouldn't overthink it. Every time I've been on the Epcot line, I was asked. Typically it was "Are you going to Riviera or staying on?" or even "Do you know where you're going?" (which isn't a great way to word it but whatever). I'd just say I'm going to the Hub or Central. I get the way they asked though. It could be slightly off-putting. Thing is, anyone can go to Riviera so it's not like they can stop you. It's just a hotel. They just want to be sure you know where you're since it's a new system and guests are still learning it. Rather ask the question and annoy someone then have a guest confused and throwing a fit they missed their stop. Yep. One on basically each side since you can't cross between cabins.

Nordic4tKnight4 days ago

Aren't there two exits/entrances at the Riviera station? One that goes to the right and to Riviera and one that goes to the left and more the CBR area?

mmascari4 days ago

We were in Jamaica. The walk from Riviera and from the main hub was just about exactly the same. So, coming from EPCOT, it was easier to get off at Riviera. However they asked it, it felt very much like it was exclusionary if you were not going to Riviera you shouldn't get off. We just got off anyway after the first time. They may not have meant it that way, but it's how we perceived it. Like we were sneaking something and getting away with an illicit if mild action.

TrainsOfDisney4 days ago

They were asking since day one. Literally. Why would you want to get off at Riviera if you weren’t going to Riviera?

Magic Feather4 days ago

Intended as a direction check. In general, the Skyliner station is known to be confusing to first-timers with the way its laid out. Riviera, being the only pass through station, is among the worst of issues. Hence its become standard for guests to be asked if they intend to get off at Aruba/Riviera at that stop. Similarly, guests are asked at the entrance of both sides of that station as to their destination prior to boarding.

mmascari5 days ago

At the Riviera have they always asked if you were going to Riviera or Aruba? It was hard to tell if this was a "direction check" to avoid people thinking they were at the hub or if it was a stuffy exclusionary check that only those going to Riviera or Aruba should get off and everyone else should continue on to the main hub. Whatever it was supposed to be, it felt very exclusionary and that we were not welcome to get off if not going to Riviera.

nickys22 days ago

If you take a ladder to put on top of the cabin then construction on Tron will have to stop, which means you’ll be responsible for delaying the return of the MK railroad. So please don’t, OK?

ToTBellHop22 days ago

Keep ‘em scared to keep ‘em in line!

Patcheslee23 days ago

Complimentary bus service, like they have another choice i.e. better call a cab

Brian23 days ago

I heard they're giving 50% off Genie+ for a day in those cases.

Swarls Barkley23 days ago

Is the Skyliner system insured by Gieco ? Asking for a friend :cautious:

EricsBiscuit23 days ago

What if I put a ladder on top of the cab and then Lightning struck and a wheelchair inside fell down into a swamp and was eaten by alligators?

Andrew C23 days ago

Followed by the immediate firing of an exec.