PHOTOS - Disney Skyliner construction at Walt Disney World

Oct 11, 2018 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner construction  - October 2018

Today we have a look at the various Disney Skyliner construction sites around Walt Disney World.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is the hub of the Disney Skyliner system, and will be the location where guests will transfer from the various gondola lines.

Nearby at Disney Riviera Resort, the station is taking shape.

At Art of Animation and Pop Century, the station being built on the water is progressing well.

The station at Disney's Hollywood Studios is part of a whole new transportation complex.

Finally at Epcot's International Gateway, the station and towers are in place.

Click the gallery for more Disney Skyliner construction pictures.

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Article Posted: Oct 11, 2018 / 1:03pm ET
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Magic Feather27 days ago

All good, it still puts bus/walkers in first now. They probably have the most distancing markers leading to the checkpoint.

BWDVCkidsince9628 days ago

no sorry for the confusion, they just let the group walk up to the temperature screening tents at 9

Magic Feather28 days ago

Actually enter the park at 9? If so, I’d assume that it is the result of them having too big of a crowd forming at the bus & walkway “rope drop spot”

BWDVCkidsince9628 days ago

haha I do sound like a paid Disney person. At garden grill last week I said “chip and dale we watch you on Disney+!!” And I felt like such a tool.

Brian28 days ago

@realBobChapek The jig is up! You've exposed your alias.

BWDVCkidsince9628 days ago

Ditto! Our time in the Skyliner last week in the sweltering heat was some of the coolest time on property. Cool and breezy the whole time. Such a nice break from the heat. I was pleasantly surprised.

BWDVCkidsince9628 days ago

That’s odd, we were there the other morning after walking over from the Boardwalk, and at 9 on the dot the security officers let us and the bus people walk forward. We were headed to the Skyliner and it wasn’t letting people on yet.

danlb_200028 days ago

There were rumors of a non-Skyliner mode of transport to link in the AK area, but no more details then that. Even if the Skyliner was going to connect to AK, it would be hard to do it directly from Epcot.

Brian28 days ago

No, there was not.

GimpYancIent28 days ago

Just curious but was there not supposed to be a Skyliner line from EPCOT to AK and back.

WallyWorld28 days ago

Does anyone know at what point they take the gondolas literally off the line? I would imagine a wind speed limit

Mouse Transit28 days ago

Many times. In all the cases I've observed, the Disney Skyliner stops boarding passengers and continues deboarding passengers until they clear all the cabins. Then, they stop the line. The Skyliner resumes operation once the weather improves. Weather is a problem when there's lightning within 6 miles of any Skyliner station and/or winds reach 35 mph or higher. This information is sourced to many Skyliner crew cast members. On Aug 2, 2020, I was on the Skyliner with winds gusting to 20 mph. Seriously, lots of fun!

begood52430 days ago

I've been curious about this: since it's summer, has anyone recorded or seen what happens when bad weather approaches the Skyliner? Are there any special "spiels" or procedures or things that occur?

marni1971Jul 31, 2020