Disney Skyliner joins in 'The World's Most Magical Celebration'

Sep 07, 2021 in "Disney Skyliner"

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Disney Skyliner design
Posted: Tuesday September 7, 2021 8:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Skyliner is joining the 'The World's Most Magical Celebration' with a 50th-anniversary wrap on a couple of the Skyliner gondolas.

Currently, there are two yellow gondolas on the Disney's Hollywood Studios line featuring the 50th graphics.

Mickey and Minnie are on the side window, with Chip and dale accompanying the 50th logo on the front, with 'The World's Most Magical Celebration' on the back.

50th anniversary graphics are expected to be added to the other two Skyliner routes over the coming weeks ahead of the October 1 start of the 18 month Walt Disney World 50th anniversary.

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brb10061 day ago

Those Woody faces never get old.

JoeCamel2 days ago

ImperfectPixie2 days ago

Now I'm imagining a drunk Woody stumbling around. 😂

brb10062 days ago

Looks like Paris are finally updating Woosy, Buzz, and Jessie's faces.

MisterPenguin5 days ago

To be fair, almost all merch that Disney creates looks like cheap droppings to me.

Sir_Cliff5 days ago

As the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary marketing push begins to ramp up, I am kind of curious to see how the WDW and DLP campaigns compare. Here is the spot DLP put out a few days ago: Not sure quite what they're going for here, but I think I like it. I do really like the logo they've come up with.

Cmdr_Crimson5 days ago

Okay what the heck Disney Merch??

gerarar9 days ago

Chilling Chamber Push Pop! Brilliant use of the HM audio there lol

ToTBellHop10 days ago

Nothing says, “these are baked fresh!” more than rolling out a new cinnamon roll on Monday but telling guests they can’t buy them until Wednesday because they have to “sell the old version.” Stale pastry are the Magic!

HauntedPirate10 days ago

No doubt. Who puts a piece of chocolate on a cinnamon roll and calls it "a new treat!!!"? :rolleyes:

HauntedPirate10 days ago

There's still the blue on the spires but it's again faded, and the pink is faded and still ugly. It's the worst of both worlds... 🤦‍♂️ Pink on Cinderella Castle is wrong, Wrong, WRONG.

ToTBellHop11 days ago

Don’t feel bad. They didn’t put that much effort into this. One new item is at Cheshire Cafe. Cheshire Cafe is closed. Oops.

Figments Friend11 days ago

If only the actual Anniversary itself had as much effort, creativity, and time invested in it as these social-media -photo-friendly-food items have been given. -

Bocabear11 days ago

The new food offerings sure look beautiful.