Disney's Minnie Van Service expands to Orlando International Airport

Jan 25, 2018 in "Minnie Van Service"

Minnie Van Service overview
Posted: Thursday January 25, 2018 2:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Minnie Van Service is now offering transportation from select Walt Disney World Resort hotels to Orlando International Airport.

Airport Minnie Van Service can carry 6 passengers and up to 3 car seats for guests under the age of 6.

The service is available for airline flight departures from 9am to midnight, and Disney recommends to use the Resort Airline Check-In Service alongside Minnie Van Service.

To get started, guests are being asked to visit the Resort Club Level Concierge with flight details. Like the initial roll-out of Minnie Vans Service, the airport service is limited to a small group of guests staying at certain resorts, including Disney's BoardWalk Resort.

Disney launched its Minnie Van Service with a limited test in July 2017. Since then, it has continued to expand to more resorts via its inclusion in the Lyft app.

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TrojanUSCMay 18, 2018

Yes, as not doing so would be a massive inconvenience to guests not staying at the resorts, coming in for dinner or visiting friends.

Walt dMay 17, 2018

This just in! Its going to be called boby igors Spirit spot now let it be known, through out the lands..

TeriofTerrorMay 15, 2018

Yep. We just took an Uber from Boardwalk to Universal on Wednesday.

TeriofTerrorMay 15, 2018

We (6 people) took a Minnie Van from the Boardwalk to Epcot so we could sleep in a little bit still do rope drop. Pickup to dropoff was about ten minutes, during which time we got some great behind-the-scenes stories. You bet we tipped!

lentestaMay 14, 2018

I got picked up and dropped off at the Contemporary and BoardWalk last week without a problem.

RteetzMay 14, 2018

They did in January. Can’t say anything about now.

Edward JacksonMay 14, 2018

I cannot confirm the resorts, as I stayed at Universal last week, but we were dropped off at Animal Kingdom and picked up at Epcot last Wednesday by Uber.

note2001May 14, 2018

Is Disney still allowing non-MinnieVan (Uber and Lyft) drivers in to the resorts and parks to pick up passengers?

Edward JacksonMay 14, 2018

Good point. They used to pick you up 2 hours prior, but had made that 4 hours and then dialed it back to 3. We took our Uber about 2 and a half hours before flight time to be there 2 hours early for check in.

RteetzMay 14, 2018

Not necessarily the wait but the being picked up early is something people don't like. 3-4 hours ahead of your flight is a lot of time. Especially if you have TSA pre-check or something its unnecessary to be there that early.

Edward JacksonMay 14, 2018

Yes, I was comparing the Disney options. I have never had a long wait for the Magical Express, but that could be time of year I usually travel. I was in Florida, last week, and used Uber for several trips. They were less expensive than a taxi. They showed up very promptly and were very courteous.

jakemanMay 14, 2018

Except the potentially hours saved waiting for Magical Express. Again, just because there is no advantage or value to you, doesn't mean it holds true for others. With that said, there are less expensive transports that save just as much time that will get you from the airport to Disney. In general, both Disney provided options are either going to be time consuming (Magical Express) or expensive (Minnie Van). I believe an Uber, Lyft (non-Minnie Van) car hire or even a taxi would be more cost effective but come without the Disney branding.

Edward JacksonMay 14, 2018

Take the Magical Express. It takes you to your hotel, luggage and all and it is a free service. There is little or no advantage to using the Minnie Van. Do tip the driver, when they unload your luggage, then go to dinner with the extra $150.00 US you just saved.

slappy magooMay 14, 2018

If any of us created a thing that cost $10 to make and market, and we charged $20, but some people were willing to pay $50, would we keep charging $20? Would we consider $50 even though some people couldn't pay $50? Would enough pay $50 to make it worthwhile? Would people who can't really afford $50 buy it anyway because it must be awesome if people are willing to pay $50? I agree the service to the airport is overpriced. What worries me about someone who is not me willing to pay for the service is what it will do to the prices of other people providing car service to/from WDW. It reminds me of how ridiculously expensive event tickets are - musicians and pro sports team owners see what people are willing to pay scalpers, they think "hey we can get away with charging that much," they up the prices, scalpers up their prices, people still pay the higher scalped ticket prices, the owners/creators think "hey we can away with charging even more..." blather wince repeat. Similar situation, if Mears or other companies start seeing Minnie Vans doing well with this premium pricing, will they up their prices? Or will a race-to-the-bottom gig economy keep the prices competitive except for people willing to pay for anything if it has the Disney name attached?