FriendShip Boat service to Disney's Boardwalk Resort to be intermittent this week

Jun 19, 2018 in "Friendship Cruisers"

Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2018 9:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Due to dock maintenance, the FriendShip Boat service from Epcot to Disney's Boardwalk Resort will be impacted this week.

During the following times there will be no boat service, but bus transportation will be provided.

  • Tuesday June 19 from 1pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday June 20 from 1pm to 6pm
  • Thursday June 21 from 1pm to 6pm.

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skyphotographerJul 10, 2018

I took the boat service last Friday from DHS to EPCOT and back. Its fully in service again.

BocabearJul 10, 2018

Thanks Alison Armor!

spectromagic04Jul 10, 2018

The boat service is back up and running

Biff215Jul 10, 2018

Any updates on the DHS boat service? Is the bridge finally done?

Disney Dad 3000Jun 23, 2018

Tha was us a few days ago. Spent first 3 days of our current trip at BW. Luckily, I guess, our room was as close as you can get to HS in the last BW wing. Just made for a haul to the lobby. We did ride the bus on a return trip from HS to BW because it was so hot that afternoon. I think wait and then ride time out of the parking lot was 45 min.

ToTBellHopJun 20, 2018

The same way you’ll look after watching the Star Wars entertainment in the street before waiting in line for Slink Dog!

RobbinsDadJun 20, 2018

Guess they'll have to walk it. Just remember to bring a change of clothing for when you get to DHS, you'll look like you just stepped out of the shower.

Walt dJun 19, 2018

Every thing will be back to, normal once they get Kelly’s slaters wave farm in.and Remember I’m a goofy foot ,so i only go for left barrels so look out mate” droping in” ahh ooh

ThatMouseJun 19, 2018

If not we can always try for gift cards and fastpasses!

Biff215Jun 19, 2018

Wow, I assume they’re still working on that bridge, and now are taking advantage of the downtime to restore the BW dock. Wonder if YC/BC will be next? Just hope everything is restored by August (or sooner obviously), I would miss that slow ride to and from DHS.

spectromagic04Jun 19, 2018

Nope only have been told summer 2018 by Disney.

Biff215Jun 19, 2018

Has boat transportation to DHS been restored yet? If not, anyone have any info on when it will be?