Disney's Magical Express service to be discontinued next year

Jan 11, 2021 in "Disney Magical Express"

Posted: Monday January 11, 2021 12:01pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney plans to end its Magical Express airport transportation service in 2022.

In a statement, Disney said: "Vacationers have more options to choose from than ever for transportation, including ride-share services that save time and offer more flexibility to go where they want, when they want. In light of this shift, when Disney Resort hotel bookings open for stays in 2022, we will no longer offer Disney’s Magical Express service for airport transportation, starting with arrivals Jan. 1, 2022. We will continue to operate the service for new and existing reservations made at Disney Resort hotels for arrivals throughout 2021. Additionally, complimentary transportation options – such as buses, monorails and Disney Skyliner – will continue to be available within Walt Disney World Resort for Disney Resort hotel guests, including to and from all four theme parks."

Disney’s Magical Express service did reopen from the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-July, but has not been providing luggage delivery service for those arriving to and departing from the airport.

Magical Express was launched back in 2005, and quickly became a popular option for guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, often saving guests hundreds of dollars on transportation costs. The service is operated by a third party vendor Mears Transportation.

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TouchdownSep 05, 2021

Oof, Poly should have been easy with being able to catch the monorail from MK and Epcot too. This is why I don’t stay at AKL, I prefer the monorail resorts first (I go to MK and Epcot the most) and crescent lake/WL as backups.

witandwanderSep 05, 2021

I know! Groceries are a big deal. And we’re DVC, so we have free parking at the resorts. Last trip, we had a nightmare scenario where we were and hour late to our dinner reservation at O’Hana because we didn’t budget TWO HOURS to get from AKL to Poly on resort transportation. 🤦‍♀️ I’d love to not get stuck in that situation again.

TouchdownSep 05, 2021

I can usually get my Alamo rental at $400-$600 range, I’m a bigger guy so compact just doesn’t work for me, full-size or larger. The secret is to book early, as soon as you got your plane tickets, sometimes that’s the best price, but 2-3 weeks before your trip it’s really important (after deleting all your cookies and not logging into your account) to check the prices again. I recently did this for my upcoming CA trip to DL and now have a full size SUV for $530. The other bonus to having a car is that you can go to the grocery store on your way in, and when either leaving the property to go to another park or if you’re going somewhere with crummy bus service (DS, water parks) you can drive there yourself.

RememberWhenSep 04, 2021

I’d really love to see the Minnie Vans return too. We’ve got 2 kids in car seats, plus an older kid who is in a booster at home. Thus the mini van rental. While I’d really prefer not to drive, just calling an uber doesn’t seem like a reasonable option.

mikejs78Sep 04, 2021

This is where the Minnie van service worked for us. We do need a car seat, and really only care about transportation to and from the airport... Minnie van both ways was around $300 and no resort parking fee. So far less than the above. Hope it returns.

lewiscAug 29, 2021

I was quoted calendar day billing. I was paying. I was told customers who asked could pay a slightly higher rate for clock day biilling. I have no idea if the PL quote is based on clock days or calendar days.

TransportationGuyAug 29, 2021

This is only accurate for insurance replacement rentals (ie after a crash) because that’s how insurance companies do all of their billing with repair facilities and third party insurance companies.

lewiscAug 29, 2021

Neighborhood locations frequently charge based on calendar days, not clock days. Pick up a car at 4p.and return it at 9a the next morning. That's 2 calendar days

witandwanderAug 29, 2021

Ugh! Thank you so much. I knew I must be missing some reason it was so much cheaper.

lewiscAug 29, 2021

you're renting from a neighborhood location. You have to get your own transportation to and from the location. The location closes at 5p M to F. 2p on Saturday and is closed Sunday If your flight is delayed you're out of luck

witandwanderAug 28, 2021

I will check that out! Thanks! So, I’m seeing a car for $245 for the week through Kayak, which says it includes taxes and fees. What am I missing? Are they going to charge me for a bunch of extra stuff once I get there?

RoadiJeffAug 28, 2021

BTW, if you fly to MCO and rent a car, check out the Visitor Toll Pass. It's a free service, except for the discounted cost of any tolls, and you save the ridiculous extra fees most car rental companies charge for the daily use of their transponder that they charge you for, even if you do not drive through a toll booth each day. I used the Visitor Toll Pass on a previous trip and it was great. No hidden fees or anything. At the time, it was supposedly a temporary service but it looks like it might have become a permanent thing.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsAug 26, 2021

As others have done? My family has already dumped the failed ME service. We have a very nice MEARS town car set up for our NOV 2021 trip. Nope, no luggage transfer - but a DIRECT to BRV ride, to and from :). It was always MEARS - even when ME existed :).

RoadiJeffAug 26, 2021

Well, prices change daily and when I checked again just now the lowest price I could find for the same dates for a Nissan Altima for 7 days through Trivago is $345.56. That doesn't include the optional collision insurance and there is a mileage penalty if driven over 1,050 miles during the rental period. The price may go back down in a few days. I saw they have SUVs starting at $317 for the same time period.