New Cruiser Boat 'Tradewinds' joins the fleet at Walt Disney World

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Tradewinds Cruiser Boat
Posted: Tuesday October 5, 2021 5:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World has a new cruiser boat serving the Magic Kingdom area resort hotels and the Magic Kingdom.

The new boat is the first addition to the fleet in nearly 30 years, with the last new boat added in 1993. The color scheme is a distinct bright orange, yellow, white and teal coloring.

Tradewinds features new touch screen controls for the crew and an updated interior design.

Tradewinds is currently serving Disney's Grand Floridian and Disney's Polynesian Resort, transporting guests to and from Magic Kingdom. The route was previously serviced by one of the small launch boats.

Watch the video below for a look at Tradewinds on the water and a look inside. (4K YouTube)

Click the gallery to see more pictures of Tradewinds.

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castlecake2.015 days ago

That wasn’t clear from what I read, there was lots of thoughts going on in the post you quoted. I agree now that I understand. Didn’t need to “ugh” me :)

Gabe115 days ago

Ugh. I think you misread the post I was responding (quoted) to or didn’t read that. Member was speaking to the length of boat trip to reach DHS. The ferry boat does not sail on that body of water

MaryJaneP15 days ago

So new cruiser for 50th Anniversary. Maybe new monorail fleet by 100th.

castlecake2.015 days ago

The express boat is the ferry lol

Gabe115 days ago

I always thought there should be Resort Boats and Express Boats like Monorail Express and Monorail Resort loops

Gabe115 days ago

Now that was a needed upgrade! Woohoo 🥳 Question. What is with the name of the boat? Tradewinds is a beautiful resort In Tampa with so much for tourists to do you don’t need to leave the resort. It is fun and gorgeous. So I’m curious as to how the name was chosen? Disney doesn’t generally give a tip of the hat to competitor for tourism dollars.

Disone16 days ago

I would like to see more of these cruisers. The launches are cute but they're inefficient and not ADA Compliant.

peter1143516 days ago

Yes the launches will still be necessary to support all of the routes

castlecake2.016 days ago

Will they still use the launches to get around 7 seas lagoon? That’s one of my favourite things to do when I need “a break”. Any word on if WL/FW/Contemporary route till return?

castlecake2.016 days ago

Wait, they don’t use the open air launches at all anymore?

optjay16 days ago

Rode it on first day of service, Sept 30. Magic kingdom to Wilderness Lodge. So nice.

peter1143516 days ago

It’s a custom build from a third party Florida shipyard. It was designed and modeled off of the existing fleet of cruisers with several enhancements made.

Clamman7316 days ago

What’s the story as far as who manufactured it? Is it a stock hull from a company that makes something similar and just customized for Disney?

wdwmagic16 days ago

Currently the new cruiser only. But I guess that could change at any point.