PHOTOS - More character-themed wraps coming to the Walt Disney World bus fleet

Sep 11, 2019 in "Bus Transportation"

Disney Movie Character Bus wraps
Posted: Wednesday September 11, 2019 9:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Transportation fleet will soon be expanding the characters represented on the new look busses.

With a style similar to that of the new Disney Skyliner gondolas, the new busses are being wrapped with very prominent character graphics and bright colors -  a big departure from the more serious look of the current Walt Disney World Transportation color-scheme. Characters introduced in July included Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. This September, new busses will feature Frozen, Moana, Monsters Inc. and The Lion King.

The new buses also feature USB charging outlets, and there is likely to be onboard Wi-Fi service coming in the future.

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LitaJan 26, 2020

Haven’t heard anything about that yet. I do recommend that if you encounter this issue to let the driver know as this isn’t something that we test out plus Drivers aren’t allowed to use it either

larryzJan 26, 2020

Any issues with the USB ports shorting out when the busses are cleaned?

LitaJan 26, 2020

Disney plans more Wraps in the coming months, already have Peter Pan and a Cinderella Bus now. WiFi is being added to All Buses Wrapped or Not (New and old buses) USB ports will only be on Newer Buses that have the blue floors Disney is putting in a New Dispatch system on all Buses. It’s been tested at Fort Wilderness and now being tested at Disney Springs, next up it will be used at Animal Kingdom then to the other parks. I’m hoping we be getting new Spiels and Music soon.

Phil12Jan 26, 2020

I like the new wraps because they make me feel as if I'm in an air conditioned gondola!

Tony the TiggerJan 25, 2020

Looks like Mickey in drag. 😉 I’m fine with either design. I’m sure someone will have a problem with the new one, and supply a dissertation to prove it’s unmagical.

trainplane3Jan 25, 2020

Edit: While I liked the style of the buses a millions time more before the original character wraps happened, I like this more then the current character wraps. Feels less...hectic and more focused? I don't know. It feels less busy to look at?

MisterPenguinJan 25, 2020

WE DID IT!!... Too bad we just used up all our influence for new bus wraps.

Clyde BirdbrainOct 16, 2019

That is interesting. I just read this article about a test of electric buses in South Florida, and the BYD buses did not get as many miles between charges as estimated, due to the heavy use of air conditioning. In China it can get pretty hot too ... but maybe they don't run the air conditioning as much as they do here in Florida.

joelkflaOct 16, 2019

They tested a number of electric and hybrid buses, including one from China, a while ago (5 years?). None was able to stand up to Disney's use pattern in the Florida climate for a full day. Some spent more time in maintenance than on the road. Maybe technology has advanced to the point that it's worth another try. If the buses are plug-ins, they'd also have to build a facility to charge the 400 or so buses. Currently, most buses spend an hour or 2 at the refueling and light maintenance facility, and then are back on the road or parked at a hub overnight.

WDWVolFanOct 15, 2019

What about NextGen drivers? You know, the ones that actually know what they are talking about instead of just throwing out there some random crappy rumors. :p

Kram SaculOct 11, 2019

It’s because it seems they actually put some thought and effort into the Fignent design.

Rescue RangerOct 11, 2019

I wish Tokyo took over WDW....they take such care and detail and pride in everything. Not to say WDW doesn't but Tokyo just seems to have my "heart" in what they do. At least thats the way it comes across.

_calebOct 11, 2019

Do the next-gen buses have onboard digital signage?

Figments FriendOct 11, 2019

I am perfectly fine with both. :cool: Also rather like the original animated 'The Lion King' bus and 'Avatar' banshee bus. Saw both driving around property two weeks ago and I will admit I was excited to see these in person. Would have freaked if I spotted the rainbow Figment bus... -