PHOTOS - A look inside the new Zuri's Sweets Shop at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jun 17, 2015 in "Zuri's Sweets Shop"

Zuri's Sweets Shop overview
Posted: Wednesday June 17, 2015 2:12pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom today opened its latest new addition to Harambe, Zuri's Sweets Shop.

Located in the new Harambe Market area, Zuri's offers a great mix of sweet treats and goods, ranging from Flame Tree Barbecue sauce, to candy apples, to wine, and coffees.

Zuri's has three entrances, one from the recently opened Harambe Market area, another from the side of the building facing Kilimanjaro Safaris, and a third entrance from inside the neighboring Mombassa Market.

Just like the rest of Harambe Market, it is beautifully themed on both the inside and outside. The details transport you to another place - Disney Imagineering at its best.

Inside the treat case, you will find a range of freshly made candy treats. There are cookies, brownies, caramel apples, fudge, and more - all with an Animal inspired look. The selection is similar to Goofy's Candy Company or Storybook Treats at the Magic Kingdom. Prices range from around $3 to $10 per item. Sadly there are no Zebra Domes from Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge on offer.

A bulk candy and nuts area lets you pick and choose your own assortment, priced at $17.99 per pound.

For fans of the Flame Tree Barbecue, a range of rubs and sauces are available to take home, along with coffee from Tusker House.

You will also find a range of African wines.

An area of the store is dedicated to boxed and bagged candy goods, again created uniquely for Zuri's.

Finally, there is a range of baskets and home goods.

Zuri's Sweet Shop brings a great range of treats and gifts to Disney's Animal Kingdom, and is a welcome change from the regular character and generic merchandise locations.

Following in the recent footsteps of the Haunted Mansion's Memento Mori, the Marketplace Co Op and the updated Hollywood Tower Hotel gift shop, Disney appears to be moving back to offering unique merchandise, with an emphasis on upscale goods. We are looking forward to see what is next.

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docandsixJun 22, 2015

Color me STUNNED that the resort that has apparently banned the "Because they inspire you to go... deeper and deeper into the jungle" bit of potty humor from the Jungle Cruise has permitted this. But we're going to get every variety the next time we're there. (If they last that long.)

twebber55Jun 21, 2015

I think they ll be incredibly popular...novelty is a great word

FigmentJediJun 20, 2015

Terrible. All I think of is Rick and Morty

doctornickJun 20, 2015

I think the Match the Species treats (yes, the animal poop) is brilliant. It's obviously something that will make the rounds on the internet (free publicity!) and is funny. While I can understand some getting grossed out, I think it is the type of thing that will appeal to many children and adults who will buy them just for the novelty.

EvilQueen-TJun 20, 2015

But if you've ever spent time with a 7 y/o boy you'll remember how much they'd love it lol.

EvilQueen-TJun 20, 2015

Love the move back toward park specific items and will hope it continues to at least some degree. While I understand the company savings by having less diversity I'm soooooooo tired of seeing the same exact thing at every location.

BrerJonJun 20, 2015

I thought it was quite clever how it's just one basic quick service kitchen, with three sales counters, but by the way they theme the walls in front they make it appear as if it's three different restaurants. Didn't think much of the food, overpriced for what you get, but the area is themed wonderfully and is a great addition to the area.

jensenrickJun 19, 2015

So gross.

JenniferSJun 19, 2015

Me too. One bite. :hungover:

Rob562Jun 19, 2015

You've got it almost 100%. About the only minor correction is that the blue circle next to the green line is additional covered seating. The archway spans the stretch between that area and the Refreshment window (W). I can also confirm earlier reports that you can order anything from the three food windows all at the same window. (Well, we only did it with the sausage and the grill menu items, but I presume you can do it with the ribs window, too) The sausage "corndog" was OK (my bf was very happy that they were freshly made) but I thought the beef flatbread was far better. They also gladly substituted a side item from one menu item for the side on another. My one complaint was that the lines moved a bit slower than we expected, and because of that they need to add a lot more shade to those lines. Each queue has one large umbrella one either end with a lot of open space in-between. We were there in the middle of the day on a very sunny, hot day and everyone in line was huddled in the shady spots, moving from one bit of shade to the next. -Rob

MGMBoyJun 18, 2015

Gotta keep them going to AKL for something. :p I literally ate myself sick on Zebra Domes once. Apparently my limit is somewhere between 7 & 10 after a full meal at Boma. :depressed:

wdwmagicJun 18, 2015

No zebra domes.

majortom1981Jun 18, 2015

Did they have the zebra domes or will I have to settle for eating them back at my resort?

GrumpyFanJun 18, 2015

I can't help but think that the things Universal has done in recent years with Harry Potter and the Simpson's hasn't played a big part in this as well. It's like they (Uni) went back 10+ years and looked at Disney's branding and marketing and figured out that it might be worth duplicating. Was it Eisner or Iger who did the whole DisneyParks initiative? Seems like it started around DL's 50th celebration. Regardless, as many of us stated then, it was a dumb idea, that would ultimately drive sales revenue down. Hopefully, we've turned the corner on that.