United World Soccer reopens in new location at Disney Springs West Side

Jul 23, 2015 in "Pele Soccer"

Posted: Thursday July 23, 2015 12:36pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

United World Soccer is back open at The West Side in Disney Springs.

The store has occupied a couple of locations since originally opening at Downtown Disney back in May 2014.

The original pop-up store was located between D-Street and Candy Cauldron in what was BLINK. It then closed in March 2015 to make way for the Marvel Superhero Headquarters store, but continued to operate a kiosk near Cirque du Soleil. It now occupies the former Hoypoloi store between Sunglass Icon and Sosa Cigars.

Inside you'll find a range of soccer apparel from your favorite teams around the world, and of course the whole range of Orlando City Soccer merchandise. Customization is available, so you can get your favorite player's name on the shirts.

Operating hours are Sunday to Thursday 10:30am to 11pm, and Friday to Saturday from 10:30am to midnight.

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emcclayJul 28, 2015

Try the Florida Mall location. I bought an OCSC Tervis last night at The Eye an it was significantly more expensive than the standard designs.. because it is authentic. :)

Next Big ThingJul 26, 2015

They don't carry much and what they do carry is expensive as hell. Can be found cheaper most anywhere else. For example, I just wanted a Kaka and a Shea T-shirt, but they don't carry the t-shirts. Only the authentic jerseys.

Texas84Jul 26, 2015

Need to drop by next visit and pick up some City gear.

emcclayJul 26, 2015

This makes me happy.