PHOTOS - The Ganachery at Disney Springs to open December 15 in The Landing

Nov 23, 2015 in "The Ganachery"

Posted: Monday November 23, 2015 11:41am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The date has been set of the next opening at Disney Springs - The Ganachery.

Located in The Landing district of Disney Springs, The Ganachery will open its doors on December 15 2015.

Owned and operated by Disney, The Ganachery isn't like your regular Disney candy store, instead, it is all about a custom made ganache - a mixture of melted chocolate and creme. Think less sugar, and more high-end chocolate.

“Textures, tastes, colors – this is about relaxing and enjoying a bite-size indulgence,” says Chef Stefan in a post on the official Disney Parks Blog. 

Inside the store there will be onstage production, along with sampling of one of the sixteen house-made ganaches.

Flavors include a dark chocolate with a touch of shaved Egyptian salt,  a simple milk chocolate with a dash of dark chocolate and a pinch of Sri Lankan cinnamon. The signature flavor is dark chocolate with a note of Florida orange.

The flavors fall into four categories: Spices, such a chipotle; Classic, such as orange, vanilla and caramel; Trendy, such as matcha yuzu chocolate; and Fruit, such as passion fruit and calamansi.

Nine varieties of custom-made chocolate bars (not made in house) celebrate Disney’s iconic destinations and the “Fab Five” (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck). The Aulani bar, for instance, is white chocolate with pineapple and coconut; the Disneyland Paris bar is dark chocolate with liquid caramel and fleur de sel; the Disneyland Resort bar is milk chocolate with raisins and almonds (an ode to California’s top crops); the Minnie bar is milk chocolate with dried strawberries.

You'll find The Ganachery next door to Sound Lion, just across from Parade 37 in The Landing, pictured below under construction.

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RadiatorSpringsRacerJan 12, 2016

Maybe it's the classic eight-hot-dogs-and-six-buns strategy...

Texas84Jan 11, 2016

Visited for the first time last night. Totally agree with everything you said.

StitchonJan 03, 2016

Wow, this looks stellar. Definitely something i'd like to see exported out to Anaheim at some point.

BrenthodgeDec 16, 2015

This is a great concept I could almost see them rolling out broader to upscale outlets in non-park settings. Wonder if they could ever see Disney Springs as a way to "test" retail concepts before introducing them to a broader market. This doesn't even have a super obvious Disney tie in. Love the backstory idea.

danlb_2000Dec 16, 2015

Just buy 4 boxes. ;)

Texas84Dec 16, 2015

I'll be limping over there after the marathon in January.

djlaoscDec 16, 2015

Does it not seem slightly silly to anyone else to sell 16 flavours, but the biggest box that you offer fits 12? Why is there not a box that fits 16?

FigmentForver96Dec 16, 2015

I can feel my wallet getting lighter

wdwmagicDec 16, 2015

PHOTOS - The Ganachery brings high-end chocolate to Disney Springs

WhatJaneSaysDec 16, 2015

It is all fair trade. Cocoa from Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Peru; vanilla from Madagascar.

wdwmagicDec 15, 2015

It has opened, we'll have pics tomorrow.

djkidkazDec 15, 2015

Its supposed to be open today. Anyone seen photos yet?

robonakabobDec 11, 2015

Another photo update for today, 12/11. It appears the exterior work is complete. Can't wait to check it out on my way to work on the 15th!

robonakabobDec 08, 2015

Photo Update as of today,12/7: