PHOTOS - New layout for The Darkroom and Cover Story at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mar 24, 2017 in "The Darkroom"

New layout for the Darkroom and Cover Story
Posted: Friday March 24, 2017 8:51am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Darkroom and Cover Story reopened this morning following a near three month refurbishment.

The two stores, located on the right side of Hollywood Blvd as you enter the park, have now been combined into one.

Similar to Mickey's of Hollywood on the opposite side of the street, it is now possible to walk all the way through The Darkroom, Cover Story and into Celebrity 5 & 10.

Merchandise includes a large trading pin area, Magic Bands, phone cases, and general Disney merchandise.

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LongballMGMar 24, 2017

Will the darkroom still offer One Hour Photofinishing?

wdwmagicMar 24, 2017

PHOTOS - New layout for The Darkroom and Cover Story at Disney's Hollywood Studios

BoltMar 24, 2017

Similar to Santa, you must go to sleep tonight and be surprised in the morning!

IanDLBZFMar 24, 2017

You bet!

RSoxNo1Mar 24, 2017

So are these re-opening tomorrow?

alissafalcoJan 06, 2017

I think Dollar tree still sells them.;)

roj2323Jan 06, 2017

I'm not surprised one bit. That area of right block has been disused since 2009 when they stopped selling cameras and equipment. (death of kodak) They have cycled a few things through there to try different things including magic bands and Photopass but nothing really ever stuck around or was successful. I fully expect the two spaces to be combined into one and filled with more generic disney merchandise. The doorway to Five and Dime will probably be enlarged as well as it's kind of a bottle neck.

Kman101Jan 06, 2017

I know that was sarcasm but pretty sure they still sell disposables ;) lol

RSoxNo1Jan 06, 2017

You can still buy them in 2003.

J. D.Jan 05, 2017

I've heard that Photopass will be moving into Sid Cahuenga's at some point as well.

BoltJan 05, 2017

Wonder where I can buy my disposable cameras!