PHOTOS - A look inside the new Marvel Super Hero Headquarters at Disney Springs West Side

May 01, 2015 in "Super Hero Headquarters"

Super Hero Headquarters overview
Posted: Friday May 1, 2015 8:42am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Super Hero Headquarters is now open at Disney Springs West Side bringing a whole range of Marvel merchandise to Walt Disney World guests.

The new store is located in the former United World Soccer shop space on the West Side, just across from the Exposition park food truck area. The store is themed with elements from S.H.I.E.L.D., and offers everything in the Marvel universe from clothing, toys, collectibles to comic books.

Also unique to the store is a green-screen photo opportunity, where you can have your likeness composited with a Marvel super hero and printed onto poster and comics.

Super Hero Headquarters is open daily, from 10am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10am to 11:30pm Friday to Saturday.

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djkidkazMay 14, 2015

Unless it makes enough money. ;)

wdwmagicMay 14, 2015

It is a popup store location, so nothing is permanent now in that space.

Mouse DetectiveMay 09, 2015

This is the 4th store in that location in recent years according to this article:

halltdMay 09, 2015

I stopped in tonight and walked back out after about 15 seconds. The store is SUPER TINY and you could barely move inside. I couldn't deal with the small space and the decor was very underwhelming...especially for super hero merchandise, so I didn't feel it necessary to stay.

Mouse DetectiveMay 06, 2015

It's a pretty small shop actually.

MKCP 1985May 04, 2015

Looks like a Lyft moustache on the outside in that first picture at a glance, doesn't it? Other than it isn't pink - That will be a fun shop to browse around in on the next trip down.

Fox&HoundMay 04, 2015

Has anyone visited yet? Is it more impressive in person? I really like the idea of this store, not sure about execution....

Frankie The BeerMay 01, 2015

Looks a little underwhelming at first glance, but you would expect a strong Avengers presence. Is there even an old school comic book spinner there?