Morroco pavilion's Souk-al-Magreb closed for refurbishment

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Posted: Tuesday October 5, 2021 8:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Souk-al-Magreb at EPCOT's Morocco pavilion has closed for an interior refurbishment.

Located on the promenade alongside Spice Road Table, Souk-al-Magreb sells gifts of Morocco, including Aladdin themed items.

No word yet on what changes will be made, but Disney has been making changes throughout the Morocco pavilion since taking over operations from the original third party operator.

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LittleBuford9 hours ago

And with a vengeance, it seems. Those barrels and earthenware vessels don't look especially Moroccan to me, and that computer-font inscription on the wall still bothers the hell out of me. Surely there are better ways they could be spending their time and money.

castlecake2.011 hours ago

Such an odd thing for them to spend so much time on while leaving the rest of the pavilion shuttered.

DCBaker13 hours ago

It’s back -

DisneyGentlemanV2.012 days ago

This "IP everywhere" trend is really irritating. The disney universe is a tiny subset of the real universe. When you enter the gates they want you to think otherwise. What a strange alternate reality it has all warped into.

TikibirdLand14 days ago

oh, that's galaxy's edge! Just need a Bantha and an R Unit or two and you'd be all set!

LittleBuford14 days ago

I think we're making somewhat different points, as @DisneyExpert noted earlier. Mine relates simply to the issue of Agrabah's connection (or lack thereof) to the real Morocco. While related, the question of whether an Aladdin attraction can be justified in the pavilion is somewhat different, and one I feel much less strongly about.

WondersOfLife14 days ago

That's where we aren't seeing eye to eye. I'm not talking about the movie directly related to location. I'm talking about the movie+added attraction directly related to World Showcase. There is enough connection for them to co-exist. Whether it's accurate or not. That's not my point, though.

LittleBuford14 days ago

With respect, some things aren't a matter of opinion. It's simply incorrect to say that Agrabah is as close to Morocco as Arendelle is to Norway, because the facts speak against such an equation. You have every right to believe that an Aladdin attraction still belongs in the pavilion (and as said, I wouldn't be outraged if one were added). That really is an opinion, and no-one can take it away from you even if they disagree with it. But wherever one stands on that particular issue, there's no getting away from the fact—and it is a fact—that Agrabah is very far indeed from any real Moroccan city, drawing its inspiration principally from architectural traditions thousands of miles further east.

WondersOfLife14 days ago

I do. We just don't see eye to eye. In the live action film: "To create Agrabah, Emmy Award-winning production designer Gemma Jackson took inspiration from Moroccan, Persian and Turkish architecture and elements of Arab, Indian and South Asian cultures." And I'm sure the cartoon probably drew elements as well. It's not the main focus of course, but like I said, it works just as well as Frozen does with Norway. You're missing my point. I didn't say that. Blame Disney for jumbling them all together into their film if you're going to take that route. Agrabah is a fictional land based on many different countries... Morocco just happens to be included in a list of them. Stylistically, yes it would, actually. That's why they've had meet and greets there. lol They're not even in the same region of the world. I didn't say they were. They're not even on the same continent. I didn't say they were. Honestly, if we want to get super technical, the original story of Aladdin portrays him as being Chinese. That's the problem. I wasn't being technical at all... You guys are reading way too into this. For what's worth, I'm 50% certain @LittleBuford is of Moroccan decent, so I would imagine he would know better than any of us. Good for him. All of that aside, in my honest opinion, Aladdin would work in World Showcase just as well as Frozen does... And even Rat for that matter. No singular IP fits in World Showcase. But at this point, they might as well shove Aladdin into Morocco with the direction they're heading. Would I fully approve? No. But at least we could get some decent entertainment in with a live stage show in the back of the park. Yeesh. You guys are soul sucking. I'm done repeating myself now. Let's move on...

DisneyExpert14 days ago

It's baffling how bad it looked. Just molded plastic with applied texture.

MisterPenguin14 days ago

They only had to paint some watered down Elmer's glue on it and then dust it with actual colored powder to have made it look real.

DisneyExpert14 days ago

Sorry, missed this post. From what I understand, WDI was also unhappy with the finished product and it was removed completely from onstage.

LittleBuford14 days ago

I'm from the other end of the Mediterranean (of mainly Turkish heritage with some Arab thrown in), but I know the art and architecture of the wider region really well. As you say, people hear "Arab" and think it's all the same. It's as reductive and inaccurate as conflating LA and New York, or Paris and Venice. To be fair, Agrabah itself is guilty of mixing things from different sources, some of them far outside the Arab world (the palace definitely has a Taj Mahal vibe). But the end result has very little to do with the Maghrib (the region where Morocco is) and is much closer to the architectural traditions of Egypt and the Arab lands east of it, as well as of Iran. Here's a cityscape of Agrabah: The abundance of domes is alone enough to tell us that we are far outside Morocco, where green tiled roofs are more prominent.

DisneyExpert14 days ago

Morocco is hands-down my favorite pavilion, and I could honestly spend hours there just taking everything in. I love getting lost in the twisting corridors and appreciating the incredible craftsmanship. I believe it's the only pavilion that the host country had a part in creating. King Hassan II had a personal hand in the design, and before construction could begin, a scale model had to be delivered to the Royal Architect, who was responsible for ensuring accuracy. Princess Lalla Meriem even attended the opening ceremony. Not to mention that the pavilion was built and embellished by actual Moroccan artists. But, sure, let's shove Aladdin in there, because... Middle East-ish? :rolleyes: