Changes coming to the Marketplace Co-Op will bring an expansion of WonderGround Gallery and a new store concept

Feb 24, 2015 in "Marketplace Co Op"

Downtown Disney's Marketplace Co-Op will see some changes to its roster of stores next month as new store concepts move in for the first time since its opening last year.

Designed as an ever-changing mix of retail concepts, the Co-Op has a number of retail spaces to offer guests a unique blend of more unusual merchandise.

Opening in early March 2015 will be an expansion of the WonderGround Gallery into the space formally occupied by the Beautifully Disney makeup area. WonderGround Gallery artwork has been present in the Co-Op in a small space between the stores, but will now move into a much larger space.

The Sign Shop will move into the small space previously occupied by the WonderGround Gallery. Sure to be hugely popular with guests, The Sign Shop will offer takes on the classic signs found throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks.

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Article Posted: Feb 24, 2015 / 8:39am EST