PHOTOS - Disney TAG store opens at the Marketplace Co-Op

Mar 11, 2016 in "Marketplace Co Op"

Marketplace Co Op - TAG store

The Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs has opened its latest new store today - a new Disney Travel-Accessories and Gear (TAG) concept.

Replacing Zoey and Pickles children's wear, TAG offers a whole range of Disney-inspired travel accessories and gear.

The interior has been completely remodeled as an airport, giving the product a perfect sense of place.

Inside you'll find everything from suitcases, to travel tags, to sleep masks, all with a Disney touch.

Click the gallery for more photos from the new Disney TAG store at Disney Springs.

The Marketplace Co-Op has been designed as a place to test out new retail concepts for Disney, and is ever-evolving as new stores are switched in.

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Article Posted: Mar 11, 2016 / 4:18pm EST