New Disney TAG shop coming to Marketplace Co-Op

Feb 11, 2016 in "Marketplace Co Op"

Posted: Thursday February 11, 2016 9:45am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs will soon be switching out one of its shops for a new Disney Travel-Accessories and Gear concept.

Zoey and Pickles will be closing at the end of February 21 2016 to make way for the new shop.

Check out this video from the official Disney Parks Blog which gives an overview of the Disney TAG range. Items include a Haunted Mansion face mask and travel pillow, passport wallet, document organizers, oversize Disney "Travel with Character" tags and suitcases, straps and more.

The Marketplace Co-Op opened in early 2014 with 6 boutique shops within a shop, and was designed to test out new store concepts by switching out shops as needed.

The Disney TAG shop is expected to open in mid March 2016.

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NelleBelleMar 20, 2016

I don't suppose you'll be able to order any of this online? I want some of this for the trip down to WDW!:)

G00fyDadMar 15, 2016

More of THIS is what DS needs and less of the typical high priced outlet shops.

PhonedaveMar 14, 2016

Thats where I went. I though I would finally be able to get an automatic watch at WDW>

WhatJaneSaysMar 13, 2016

Every looks adorable. I need some new travel gear for my upcoming LA/Disneyland trip so I might have to check this out.

JEANYLASERMar 12, 2016

I can't wait to see it on Nov 2016! Awesome photos!

Texas84Mar 12, 2016

Liking the airline theming.

halltdMar 12, 2016

There is so much win in that store. I'm so impressed with the new direction of merchandise to unique and truly Disney items. I hope they continue this and move further away from the "every store on property carries the same ish."

Sans SouciMar 11, 2016

Those tags are so cute. I am little leery of spending money on cute luggage tags, I had one grow legs and leave my suitcase. It was a Boardwalk luggage tag. :cautious:

LiraelMar 11, 2016

Dear Disney, you don't need to pinch pennies by isnituting resort fees and other ridiculous stuff, Im more than willing to spend my money on this

wdwmagicMar 11, 2016

PHOTOS - Disney TAG store opens at the Marketplace Co-Op

halltdFeb 12, 2016

Those retro luggage tags, though!!!

ford91exploderFeb 11, 2016

Same here

OliveMcFlyFeb 11, 2016

I'll be there in late April so there goes that weeks paycheck. Everything looks so cute. Great idea!

Texas84Feb 11, 2016

Disney delivery guy is killing me. :D But those straps are a no-go. They will confuse the heck out of the baggage handlers.