Frontierland Overhaul: Disney Files Frontier Trading Post Construction Permit

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Frontier Trading Post - June 2024
Posted: Thursday June 20, 2024 8:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new construction permit has been filed for The Frontier Trading Post in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.


The permit is notable in that it is assigned to MLC Theming Inc., a Disney partner who has previously worked on numerous projects around Walt Disney World. MLC Theming specializes in rockwork, facades, and scenic painting. The permit carries a June 30, 2025 expiration date, slightly longer than the default 12 months. (Thanks to danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for identifying the permit)

The Frontier Trading Post currently sells a variety of souvenirs, including collectible pins, phone cases, magnets, and snacks. There is no word yet on whether the store will close during the work.

While we don't know what work is being done at The Frontier Trading Post, this permit comes amid several changes to Frontierland. The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade is to be converted into a Disney Vacation Club lounge, Grizzly Hall will soon debut a new version of Country Bear Musical Jamboree, and speculation continues to surround the future of Pecos Bill Cafe, which has long been rumored to take on a Princess and the Frog overlay following the opening of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Disney furthered speculation about Frontierland when it recently said in a post on its official blog, "Hold your horses, we're not done yet. We have a lot of growth and investment planned for our theme parks in the coming years and look forward to sharing more announcements about Frontierland … so y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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DHSfanatic24 days ago

Interesting idea although it doesn't square with the rumors for what's being planned for beyond Big Thunder.

ohioguy25 days ago

I'm still of the belief that the current Frontierland will be converted to New Orleans Square with a New Frontierland to be built beyond Big Thunder. Country Bears, which is more southern, will fit the concept; as will the Riverboat and Pecos Bill's once it is updated to Tiana's. It's an easy transition around the corner to POTC. The Mark Twain novels partially take place in or near Louisiana (at least Huck Finn), so the Island isn't a stretch, either.

Royal Purple Pigment25 days ago

Hopefully this is just some maintenance work. I have noticed some of the façade stonework has been in need of repair recently.

UNCgolf25 days ago

They've gone from a roller coaster to just a trading post? Disney's budget cuts strike again.

danlb_200025 days ago

... on the other hand they could be doing The Olivia Rodrigo Trading Post.

Purduevian25 days ago

Get out of here with your logic... we need time to widely speculate and be angry

danlb_200026 days ago

Since the arcade is right next to the shop, it's possible that this is just a change that is needed to allow for the conversion of the arcade to the lounge.

tanc26 days ago

Should turn it into a country bear gift shop

donaldtoo26 days ago

BTMR to be re-themed to TBLSDR (Tiana’s Big Louisiana Salt Dome Railroad)…….confirmed…!!!!!

ToTBellHop26 days ago

Nah…Walt reportedly thought Frontierland would be the perfect location for an Inside Out 2 VR experience once the technology was available.

Disstevefan126 days ago

Is this being re themed to be "something Tiana"?

HauntedPirate26 days ago