Fittings and Fairings Clothes and Notions at Disney's Yacht Club closed for lengthy refurbishment

Apr 19, 2017 in "Fittings and Fairings Clothes and Notions"

Posted: Wednesday April 19, 2017 10:20am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fittings & Fairings Clothes & Notions at Disney's Yacht Club Resort is now closed as part of a major refurbishment.

The resort's gift shop closed on April 17, and is expected to reopen on July 14 2017.

During the closure, a temporary location has been setup in the lobby near to the Ale & Compass Lounge, operating from 6am to midnight daily. Items on sale include gifts, snacks, and beverages.

Fittings & Fairings will reopen as a new Marketplace, similar to the offering at the Beach Club, offering quick service food along with merchandise.

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surfsupdonAug 04, 2017

Right. I preferred the more dark nautical colors. Navy, burgundy, and some crisp white. That yellow carpet is gross lol

durangojimAug 04, 2017

Thanks for the pics! Really disappointed with what they did to the place though. Kind of lost a lot of its uniqueness and classiness in my opinion.

alissafalcoAug 04, 2017

Great pics thanks for posting. Did you happen to notice if they jazzed up the market place at all? Or does it still look pretty bare?

WDWtravelerAug 03, 2017

Photo update as of Thursday, August 3. The former Fittings and Fairings retail store in the Yacht Club resort is now open after refurbishment. Here is the entrance, with the Market quick service to the left, the store is viewed here in the center of the entrance and on the right. Notice the "open" transaction counters. Cast members are not behind the counters. The view looking towards the entrance, with the Market quick service in the background. One of the display windows in the main passageway. The Yacht Club ground floor is open now after refurbishment. 220461

surfsupdonJul 20, 2017

Thanks. I see the carpeting in this area outside the store is also the new design which is a much lighter color. The original color scheme of the lobby was so rich and nautical. I worry about the new lighter carpeting and window treatments.

WDWtravelerJul 20, 2017

Photo update as of Wednesday, July 19. The former Fittings and Fairings retail store in the Yacht Club resort will open next week, the last week in July 2017. It is located next door to the recently opened Yacht Club quick service Market. Here is an interior view (behind the curtain). The walls are actually off-white and will have the same décor as the Yacht Club Market next door. The yellow hue in the photograph was because I didn't use a flash.

surfsupdonJun 07, 2017

I believe that part is currently under construction, behind walls, and will be retail. The cooking is off to the left as you enter from the main entrance.

MCastJun 07, 2017

Thanks for this. If you were to enter this new area via the front (not the small stairs), what is toward your right where there was another section of the gift shop?

mdubmJun 07, 2017

This won't help much. We keep missing the hot appetizers as well. Tonight I glanced briefly and it was pigs in a blanket, assorted cheeses, assorted salads. It wasn't anything over the top. I will say that we've really enjoyed having it as an option. We love the breakfast, around mid day it's the same chips with hummus and ranch and carrots and other veggies. Gummy bears, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate covered cranberries, and cookies. We've mainly gotten our money's worth with beer and wine.

mdubmJun 06, 2017

I'm here now and they are doing the 2nd floor. Somehow we accidentally pressed floor 2 on the elevator and the entire floor is closed off. There's a sign when you stop. I'd imagine by September you'll be good to go on an updated room. Other than this forum, and the few signs I've seen, I'd hardly know construction was taking place. I've added two pictures of the new Marker at Ale and Compass. It's really nice and you can now refill your mugs there (at a Coca Cola free style machine, to boot), which makes it much easier than walking out to hurricane Hannah's.

Dr.GrantSeekerJun 05, 2017

From what I was able to see last week, floors 3-5 have been completed. I did go to the second floor and the themeing was the old style.

wagnerdanpJun 04, 2017

Do we know which floors have been completed and what floors are currently being worked on? Or is there a planned schedule? We are staying in mid-September at the Yacht Club and I'd like to try to request the new rooms, etc

LAM378May 29, 2017

The lake side of the resort and Stormalong Bay are fine. The area with the quiet pool and tennis court is full of construction equipment and vehicles (with the pool still accessible, although not very quiet). If sitting on the balcony is important to you, I would not want a room overlooking that area. Otherwise, you may run into some little signs of construction around the place, but nothing too intrusive.

piglet2422May 28, 2017

staying here June 2 to 4 before heading over to monorail resort. do any refurbishments affect the pool / outside? or are they mainly dining / shops? YC is big draw to us due to B&C, pools, and Epcot!