Fabletics now open at Disney Springs

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Fabletics Disney Springs overview
Posted: Thursday September 23, 2021 12:13pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fabletics is now open in the Town Center at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs.

With an extensive online presence fronted by actress Kate Hudson and over 50 physical stores, Fabletics sells both men's and women's sportswear, footwear, accessories and the Hydrow rowing machine.

The new Fabletics store takes over the space previously occupied by Rustic Cuff, across from Sephora.

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Stitchon22 days ago

It's interesting that the store did not do a full build-out - it appears very much like Tumi on the interior. The square footage is also a fair bit smaller than their average store. My assumption is that they're testing the waters to see how the store performs before doing a larger store elsewhere on property.

Walt d26 days ago

Mmm$$$ im thinking

itsy bitsy spiderJul 14, 2021

I only run if I'm getting chased, shot at or I hear the ice cream man.

ImperfectPixieJul 14, 2021

Disney (through paid FP) appears to be wanting to jump on this bandwagon, too, in the parks...not a wise move, IMO.

Lil Copter CapJul 14, 2021

Echoing that brands are wanting microtranscations and subscription models. lululemon at Disney Springs does not currently have one as the store is too small, but with the company's investment in MIRROR, I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they try and shove that subscription model workout at Disney Springs. It's already happening at other stores around the country. I don't know much about fabletics, but I'm not fond of being baited and switched. Especially if I'm on vacation and/or in a vacation destination.

ppete1975Jul 14, 2021

i agree, and their biggest issue is how they get people. Even though its co owned by kate hudson, and she drives alot of sales through her IG, most of their other marketing is social media (advertising the cheap prices) or the stores with the big signs with low prices for good stuff. But i would say a majority of people who go to their site, or stumble into the store leave irritated and without any purchases.

ImperfectPixieJul 14, 2021

I think we're currently seeing many corporations wanting to get in on microtransaction and subscription models. I also think the poop is going to hit the fan when people get fed up with it (just like they got fed up with the "party" model of Tupperware, PartyLite, etc.).

ppete1975Jul 14, 2021

they dont sell rowers, the rower thing is new and is only to sell clothes. They supposedly have a rower at some locations (not at the one i went to), and its just to get you to want one but you dont even buy it from them you buy it from hydrow. They are the official athletic wear company for hydrow is the only affiliation. https://us.fashionnetwork.com/news/Fabletics-enters-longterm-partnership-with-rowing-workout-company-hydrow,1255663.html the vip program is their entire business model. Basically they hope you sign up and forget youre paying just like a streaming service or gym membership

ImperfectPixieJul 14, 2021

I often buy summer tops or cute shorts in multiple colors...but athleisurewear or sports wear? Nope. I guess I'm just not brand-loyal at all when it comes to clothing. (Although I almost got sucked into the whole "leggings" party thing on FB...until I had 3 pairs I ended up never wearing unless I was just hanging around the house.)

wdwmagicJul 14, 2021

I think they may be using the clothing to get people in, and then the rowing machine is a demo that plants the seed for a later purchase.

ppete1975Jul 14, 2021

it says on the signs in small lettering that its vip pricing... which you might think everyone who enters is a vip or something.. the website is the same way. Its not illegal just leaves a really bad taste in customers mouths. They expect you to see the big price and not read the entire thing, im sure if you are a fan of their merch that its a great deal. But i assume most people who are big fans purchase online (they dont have many different things, just lots of color choices. But for a casual person to walk in, i cant say its a good experience

ImperfectPixieJul 14, 2021

Wouldn't that be considered bait and switch?

ppete1975Jul 14, 2021

the worst part is you cant buy anything at a decent price.. unless you sign up to be a vip. So lets say a pair of shorts is 2 for 45 for some nice quality athletic shorts.. maybe cheaper. The signs are everywhere saying this great price. You go to the register "are you a vip member?" no.... then the shorts are 75. But you can sign up for VIP and we will bill you every month (i forget how much) and you can use those credits to buy more stuff. If you go in one of their shops you see people bring merchandise up to purchase, they get the pitch and prob 75 percent leave confused and without buying anything.