Create Your Own Headband at Disney Ever After: Now Open at Disney Springs

14 days ago in "Ever After Jewelry Co."

Posted: Friday June 28, 2024 10:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Ever After is now open at the Town Center in Disney Springs.

This one-of-a-kind store features fun collections with your favorite characters, Instagrammable photo spots, and the popular Create Your Own Headband offering.

These customizable headbands are a big hit at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort and have now made their way to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney handbags and jewelry that were previously in this store are now located at Marketplace Co-Op and Tren-D.

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OoOHoldmyBowOoO13 days ago

If they get the disembodied Seven Dwarf heads like Hong Kong has, then I'd do this. But unfortunately they opened up with just a fraction of the options that are available to everyone else. They don't even have Piglet and Eeyore to go with Pooh and Tigger. So when they tell me in the write-up I can have as many as I want, it really feels like "pick two and get out". But I'm willing to spend money to look like a total freak. Let me do it. My life is tragically short. Let me live. Let me wear all Seven Dwarfs (plus Snow White) on my head. Let me do it. tl;dr The options to embrace your total "Freak Disney Adult Side" is really lacking and I don't think it was worth retheming any store unless they're going full freak mode so they could attract the most money possible.

Ayla14 days ago

So the social media team uses the post to talk about the Create Your Own headbands...and then fails to feature them or show different ways they can be made. :rolleyes: 😂

DCBaker14 days ago

Disney Ever After has officially opened:

Ayla22 days ago

Stuffed animals?

wdwmagic23 days ago

I remember when Springs first opened and many were outraged but he lack of Disney operated stores lol. In this case, I think Disney is expecting to make a fortune on what it has planned for the store, especially give the size of the unit.

jeanericuser00123 days ago

Maybe disney should branch out and take a page from universal. Do their own disney inspired escape the room experience. I can think of a few ideas that come to mind. Maleficent's castle, Dreamfinders lab, Tower of terror, haunted mansion, DVC Timeshare tour. It does have potential and its a new attraction to list.

esskay23 days ago

Yes sorry what I meant was its interesting that its being kept as one, rather than being moved to a tenanted location. Disney does seem to have a rather large abundance of their own shops at Springs.

CntrlFlPete23 days ago

isn't it a Disney operated store being rethemed?

esskay24 days ago

Interesting that its becoming yet another Disney operated store. Still struggling to get tenants?

Clowd Nyne24 days ago

We have enjoyed this store. I have bought my wife’s anniversary present here twice. Sad to see it go but the dollar follows the plush.