Frozen merchandise purchases at the parks to be limited in number

Apr 30, 2014 in "Emporium"

Posted: Wednesday April 30, 2014 9:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

In what seems like an effort to keep Frozen merchandise in stock, all of the domestic Disney theme parks are now placing a purchase quantity restriction on Frozen merchandise.

Beginning yesterday, all Frozen products have a purchase limit of five. This means that you can purchase up to a maximum of 5 of the exact same item. You could for example, buy 5 Elsa dolls, and 5 Anna dolls, but not 6 Elsa dolls.

The restriction has been but in place at all the domestic properties, which includes Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, and Disney Vacation Club locations.

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BoarderPhreakMay 02, 2014

ROFL! Disney is insane... The people paying this even more so. Disney wants their cut - they couldn't care less about scalping.

scoobygirl39541May 02, 2014

Well. I did go to purchase a Frozen pen today... Until I heard the price was over $6 with tax! ....For a pen :O

Prince-1May 02, 2014

The kids in the sweatshops have tiny hands. Good god man they are working as fast as they can!!!

Hyperspace HooplaMay 02, 2014

Yeah, I guess. Some of the items (like the super exclusives and the statues, etc..) sell for three or four times cost. They can more that make that $250 back on one item.

cw1982May 02, 2014

Based on what we're seeing in terms of people being willing to wait in line for meet and greets for Frozen, I would say that the price point would have to be raised pretty considerably to make much of an impact on the demand of the souvenirs in the parks right about now.

Nubs70May 02, 2014

Why not increase price? Supply/Demand..... Econ 101.

cw1982May 02, 2014

Maybe I'm way off base here, but wouldn't the $250 fee be a good deterrent for scalpers to start with? That adds quite a bit to the amount they're having to pay up front in hopes of making a profit even after that fee. I thought the $250 fee was for die-hard fans to get the first opportunity to buy what they wanted before things sell out, in addition to whatever other odds and ends come in the package.

Hyperspace HooplaMay 02, 2014

Disney always talks a good game about trying to block scalpers by limiting purchases etc.. They always did this with Star Wars weekends merchandise. This year, rather that block scalpers, they are charging them $250 to attend the "Rebel Rendevous" and letting them buy what they want the day before SWW opens. Do they care about stopping scalping, or do they care about not getting their cut?

flynnibusMay 01, 2014

No it's just as slimey as when people buy up consoles to resell them. Buying up retail inventory with the sole intent of reselling at profit is not 'supply and demand' - it's exploitation

BoarderPhreakMay 01, 2014

True, but not every guest has a MagicBand. Everyone buying merch has a CC though.

FerretAfrosMay 01, 2014

Isn't this what they created MagicBands for? To track your spending throughout your vacation? Seems like this would be a pretty obvious place to implement the technology if they were actually that concerned about enforcing the limit

prberkMay 01, 2014

You know, I never thought of that. I would think an easy thing might be to have "Frozen Summer nights at Blizzard Beach this summer..." with extended hours, songs from Frozen playing intermittantly throughout the night, character meet-n-greets, merchandise, Frozen-themed drinks and ice cream treats. Any marketing person worth their salt (or ice, as it were) could have a field day with this. It could be advertised as being weeknights this summer only, for example. And if it involved extended hours like I think it should, it could take a little of the evening load off MK. Not all of it, but a chunk at least.

Disney6166May 01, 2014

For all of you complaining it is called supply and demand. Nobody complains when the new iPhone comes out and everyone is willing to pay double on Amazon or eBay. You pay a different price everyday for gas and you nobody gets on a blog and complains about that. I bet if you lived within a few minutes of a Disney Theme Park you all would do the same thing.

DocMcHulkMay 01, 2014

I dont know if Arendelle would feel right in DHS... or EPCOT. It has to go somewhere in Fatansyland. If it were up to me... GOOD BYE SPEEDWAY!