PHOTOS - Main Street Emporium covered in scrims for refurbishment

May 03, 2017 in "Emporium"

Emporium refurbishment
Posted: Wednesday May 3, 2017 10:05am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Main Street Emporium at the Magic Kingdom is in the process of an extensive exterior refurbishment.

Much of the exterior is covered in scrims, and more have been added since these photos were shot earlier in the week.

Although the exterior is under wraps, the Emporium is open for business as usual.

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COProgressFanNov 02, 2017

I loved that invisible dog leash as a kid too! One of my first WDW souvenirs. Good times.

PixieishNov 02, 2017

Agreed. I feel like it's all the same stuff, basically everywhere in the parks...with a few exceptions like Memento Mori.

jmuboyNov 02, 2017

Hall of Champuons into the new again old Magic Shop. I doubt this means Main Street is reverting away from its current generic mall-like feel. But it would be nice if Disney World world would offer us some variety on Main Street once again.

castlecake2.0Nov 02, 2017

That store looks cool but I wonder what sales numbers are actually like? I also remeber there used to be a little joke shop in the carriage house building across from Yankee Trader at haunted mansion way way back that I bought an invisible dog leash at for $8 and it was my favourite thing.

THE Monorail LimeNov 02, 2017

That's cool

Sped2424Nov 02, 2017

In spirit but sadly not in application :(. I truly think they would make more money as a magic shop than a generic Disney store if done right look at Potter (wizards wheezes prank items for one).

dolphinforcesNov 01, 2017

Not sure if this is the right spot to dump this, but House of Magic is back on Main Street USA

WDWtravelerJul 05, 2017

Photo update as of Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Now...for new Main Street exterior of Tuesday, July 4th. And over in Adventureland....Island Supply (sunglasses) exterior refurbishment. The interior remains open.

Kman101Jul 02, 2017

You can find pics on Twitter. I only saw some from the site that's similar to "ez" and didn't want to post them. Hopefully @WDWtraveler comes in with their amazing pictures and I'm sure Steve is on it.

Kman101Jul 02, 2017

Scrims are down. The building now has a brick exterior and looks fantastic.

zosoJun 28, 2017

I was checking instagram and it seems as though they took down the scrim and left the fencing part up. But it also looks as though they put up a scrim on another building on Main Street around Main Street Fashion and Apparel? Can anyone confirm?

jt04Jun 02, 2017

I believe this work is a restoration rather than general maintenance. Seems they have done this with all of MSUSA over the last several years.

GoobJun 02, 2017

Ok, so what else are they doing? Why the coyness? I'm griping because of the time it's taking. To have such a large scrim up on the first thing you see when entering the park for such a long time (twice this spring) is pretty ridiculous. I love that they are doing maintenance but what could possibly take this long?

Kman101Jun 02, 2017

Thanks for clarifying (mostly for those griping). I figured it was more than just painting.