PHOTOS - Discovery Trading Company takes over from Disney Outfitters at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mar 16, 2016 in "Discovery Trading Company"

Discovery Trading Company
Posted: Wednesday March 16, 2016 9:38am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom completed its rework of merchandise offerings yesterday with the reopening of Disney Outfitters as the Discovery Trading Company.

The past year has seen some significant changes to the park's shops, with the introduction of the new Riverside Depot, and complete interior and exterior refurbishments of Island Mercantile and now Disney Outfitters.

Discovery Trading Company is now home to a variety of character gifts and park souvenirs, including some high end offerings from Vera Bradley, Dooney and Bourke, and Pandora.

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djkidkazMar 20, 2016

Go to the 28 & Main shop at Co Op in Disney Springs. Lots of nice stuff there and it's all men's.

freediverdudeMar 20, 2016

Great, so more accessories and less nice clothing. They did the same thing to the Emporium when I was in there the other day. Remember that section of nice men's clothing in that area next to Casey's seating? Yea, that's now all accessories. And the nice clothes hadn't been moved, they were just gone.

Next Big ThingMar 17, 2016

I always hated the "Disney Outfitters" name. In such a highly themed park, I always thought they could do much better than such a generic name. Glad they finally did.

peter11435Mar 16, 2016

The new section will continue to be called riverside depot, the former disney outfitters will be known as Discovery Trading Co. The name change will be official in April.

RSoxNo1Mar 16, 2016

Right now the Disney site still calls it Disney Outfitters. It will be interesting to see whether they settle on two different names or not.

CaptainAmericaMar 16, 2016

Cool beans. Glad to see the continued elimination of the cheesy color scheme in the Discovery Island area.

Monorail_Red_77Mar 16, 2016

Building weas refurbished inside and out. It opened and closed in two sections. the half nearest the park entrance closed first. It was refurbished and enlarged. When reopened it was called Riverside Depot. The half closest to Tree of Life was then closed off and refurbished. this is the part that was renamed from Disney Outfitters to Discovery Trading Co. Think Emporium at MK. One large store but looks like different stores, or sections.

brihowMar 16, 2016

Did they make changes to the interior, or just different merchandise and new sign?