Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin files permit to greatly expand its pool and recreation area

Jan 21, 2022 in "Walt Disney World Swan Resort"

Posted: Friday January 21, 2022 10:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort has some big plans for its pool and recreation area according to a recent permit filing with the South Florida Water Management District.

The plans call for two new pools, including two water slides and a water activity pool. (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permit)

The new pool area is proposed to be built next to the existing main feature pool, on a piece of land that is currently a playground. In the permit plans, the playground is relocated to an area on the other side of the main feature pool, near to the pool bar and lap pool.

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin already has one of the best main pool areas at Walt Disney World, and this addition would enhance the resort's appeal even further. 

The resort recently opened the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve, which would also be served by this new pool area addition.

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SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2022

I had almost completely forgotten about those… you gotta think those are gone…the “L” word. One thing Disney isn’t responsible for is the complete turn on recreation they are “responsible” for…that’s industry wide. I bet there are near zero hotel operators who actually want a pool. I can’t really blame them.

Epcot82GuyJan 24, 2022

At full operation, they currently have 4. 3 grotto tubs at the main complex and a smaller, "typical" hot tub at the Swan pool. (I know they were doing path work and what not on the Swan one, so not sure it has survived or will survive the Reserve changes.)

flynnibusJan 24, 2022

This x1000 Between the disabled effects and the consequences/tradeoffs made when they fenced it - it comes off now as very disjointed and overly complex for what looks like no reason. It's been robbed of its soul.

MisterPenguinJan 24, 2022

Swolphin also has at least 3 hot tubs... I think it may actually be 4.

surfsupdonJan 24, 2022

The bubbling jets were in the cove area at the base of the little mountain, nearest the slide. I remember them well as a kid, but the only pictures I have seen were from early Disney official brochures. The sinking sands you couldn't really see....but by the volleyball court area, there were several "holes" that were filled with sand, and if you stepped in a hole, your foot sunk to about lower calf. It was a neat effect. There might still be a few left, but many were filled in with the addition of the volley/play area in the central pool location.

Club CooloholicJan 24, 2022

Anyone have a video or pic of the sinking sands and bubble jets?

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2022

I bet it sucks for you, Robbie…🤪

the.dreamfinderJan 24, 2022

They truly give Roberts everywhere a bad name.

surfsupdonJan 24, 2022

The pool has gotten worse over the years. The bubbling jets have been turned off. The sinking sands are greatly reduced. And the whirlpool area is hit or miss (sometimes on, sometimes not). It is still a great pool complex, but not as grand as the past, and I am glad Swan Dolphin are upping their game!

Club CooloholicJan 24, 2022

I found Storm along to be kinda stressful as a parent. Far too many blind spots, and it's kinda goofy you have to "leave" to take the slide. I prefer Kidani's pool area.

SirwalterraleighJan 23, 2022

It’s fine…it’s just been in its current form for along time Disney’s pool game has sadly declined just as the rooms have…the Bobs

JMcMahonEsqJan 23, 2022

With the variety of resorts available, I think Disney does a decent job with having something available for every demographic, but maybe not every resort targeting every demographic. I was giving a lecture down in Orlando this winter and stayed over at Bonnet Creek for the first time. As an adult group or solo, i highly recommend that area. But I don’t think I would look their when we go back down with kids for example

Epcot82GuyJan 23, 2022

That's very fair. And I'm usually a solo or adult group traveler. I totally agree the child factor gives Stormalong a definite edge. I actually prefer DAK's pools to Stormalong (it being my third) for that same reason. I still yearn for the days when they really did focus on multiple demographics and audiences. But I know that ship has sailed with current management.

JMcMahonEsqJan 23, 2022

I personally actually don’t think this a hot take at all. We did Swan this summer and loved the pool. We for the first time did a full resort pool day at the cabanas there and it was amazing. Objectively I think I might give yacht the edge bc I see it appealing to younger kids more than swan, and that is more the overall Disney target market.