PHOTOS - Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin switch to Mears shuttles for theme park transportation

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Mears theme park shuttle at Swan and Dolphin

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin has today switched from using Walt Disney World bus transportation to Mears for all routes.

The third party Mears charter buses are transporting guests to the theme parks every 20 to 30 minutes according to signage at the hotel.

Mears is the main bus operator for the Central Florida area, providing service for Disney's Magical Express and Disney Cruise Line. Mears have also in the past been called into Walt Disney World Resort hotels to provide additional capacity to the theme parks during extremely busy times.

It isn't clear if the Mears service is a more cost effective option for the hotel, or if Disney is unable to provide the service as layoffs across Walt Disney World get underway.

Possible implications of the move to Mears may be that the Swan and Dolphin will not be able to use the main Walt Disney World transportation bus stops at the parks, and instead may have to use the charter bus stops which are typically further away from the entrances.

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Article Posted: Oct 14, 2020 / 9:26am ET
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UNCgolf57 minutes ago

I don't know that it would, because I don't think there are very many non-Disney resort guests using the buses other than park-to-park and park-Disney Springs (and those were never supposed to be limited to resort guests that I'm aware of). I'm sure a few do but it has to be a very small percentage of the total rider figures. I still get what you mean, though.

Cesar R M1 hour ago

It would save them BUS capacity , which means fewer buses to use and which means less money to use. But yeah going to the extremes right now.

TrainChasers7 hours ago

I just meant when Disney decides to “crack down” on something they go further than a rationale person would expect. I think it’s silly to worry about who gets on a bus to a park, but I also think it’s silly to ask what resort people are arriving from in an Uber, and yet here we are.

UNCgolf7 hours ago

That was a way to make more money, though. Checking MagicBands for the buses wouldn't do anything but slow the system down, which might actually hurt them. Unless they started charging a separate price to ride the buses, of course.

TrainChasers8 hours ago

While I agree I also don’t think we would have expected Disney to put computer chips into paper drink cups would we?

UNCgolf8 hours ago

I doubt they ever will, either. That would make the whole process of loading much slower than it currently is. Even if they had an automated system that could read everyone's band as they were boarding, it would cause slowdowns if they have go pull someone off the bus that isn't supposed to be there. Plus some people don't even use the bands. It's a bigger hassle than it's worth, considering the vast majority of people using the Disney buses are staying at a Disney resort (other than for park to park transportation, and that's not an issue for this topic anyways).

UNCgolf8 hours ago

They can't stop at the normal bus stops at EPCOT, DHS, or Animal Kingdom either. It's just not as big of a deal at those parks because you can still walk to the park entrance from the bus stop. It's just a longer walk than from the Disney bus stops.

Cesar R M9 hours ago

I don't mind the boat. but I assume both the monorail and the boats will be completely full with long waits in the early morning?

MickeyLuv'r10 hours ago

We've done this a number of times as well. We don't usually mind the extra walking, but it usually seems to be kind of a toss up as to whether it saves time. (Especially since we have sometimes ended up getting distracted in some way on the walk back. Like stopping for a few photos.)

lightningtap34711 hours ago

Ohh that's smart!

MisterPenguin11 hours ago

Yes. That's why you use Boardwalk or Beach. Disney has never checked magicbands to get on the bus. Not to stop DS workarounds, not to prevent non-guests from riding. When I stay at the Swolphin, I usually hop on the first bus leaving DAK or MK for Beach, BW, or Swolphin.

lightningtap34711 hours ago

Right, that's the only difference? Not to say that doesn't suck (it does), but if you're going for an epcot/DHS stay I would still go here. I am biased towards this hotel however.

Triggermv11 hours ago

The Disney Resort buses (what Swan/Dolphin used to use) drop off right at MK. However, the new Mears transportation buses drop you off at the TTC, which you then need to ride either the monorail or the boat to MK.

TrainChasers11 hours ago

If you’re concerned, buy a pastry and a coffee Boardwalk bakery and tell them you walked over to boardwalk for breakfast and you have a receipt to show. I highly doubt they will start checking for magicbands and room keys. It’s a 1/2 mile walk from the swan / dolphin to the bus stop.