New Walt Disney World offer adds 2 extra days to your ticket with a 4-night room-and-ticket package

Jan 04, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Monday January 4, 2021 10:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning January 5, 2021, you can take advantage of a special offer on a room-and-ticket package that adds 2 extra days to your ticket with a 4-night room-and-ticket package.

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Offer Details

Get 2 extra days added to your ticket when you buy a 4-night/3-day room-and-ticket package at select Disney Resort hotels, valid for arrivals most nights January 8, 2021 through September 25, 2021.

Important Details:

Advance reservations required.
Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.
Offer excludes the following room types: 3-bedroom villas, Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort, Cabins at Disney's Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows.

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pixie225Jan 19, 2021

Just an update - got back $715 to our credit card from the 35% off. (on top of the 2nd day free price drop). Now all we need are both our covid shots before 5/1 - doesn't look promising for us here in NY. Would be our 4th cancellation.

me_stitchJan 18, 2021

Just rebooked my 5 night stay so I'm getting the 5th night free now, thought about adding another night since it would be free but 5 nights are plenty since it's just my daughter and I.

NelleBelleJan 14, 2021


pixie225Jan 13, 2021

We got the 2 day free price drop on Friday. The refund hit my cc on Saturday. On Sunday another rep gave us 35% off deal. Haven't received that refund yet, but the confirmation email we got reflected the 35% off. It was one, then the other. We are very happy it worked out for us that way.

Kingdom KonsultantJan 12, 2021

Disney won't piggy back offers. It's one or the other. Pam

NelleBelleJan 12, 2021

So she gave you both deals?😮

pixie225Jan 10, 2021

Just got off the phone with Disney for 2nd time in 3 days. First time - Friday - I was on hold for 90 minutes. I had seen on the webpage that there were new offers. Checked, and discovered I could save $271 off the 5 night stay we have in May, as price had dropped a bit due to the 2 free day offer. I inquired about the 35% off room promo, and was told I didn't qualify. After thinking about it, I called back this morning, and had no wait at all. I explained the situation, and the wonderful woman who helped me this time got me another $700 and change off our price (same exact CR Garden Wing Garden view room) which will be refunded to our cc. Sooo - if you don't get the answer you want at first, call back and you may get someone more knowledgeable.

Kingdom KonsultantJan 09, 2021

Keep in mind that the 35% off is geared towards deluxe and deluxe villa accommodations. If you are at a Value, the ticket offer is going to work out better for you since you are getting a much lower percentage off on the room. Also if you already have tickets, the ticket offer is going to apply as long as you have at least the required ticket for the offer. We played around with both offers for our clients to see which would work best for them. Pam

Grumpy4196Jan 06, 2021

I didn't combine offers. I changed my original offer for the new one. We are at Pop so I am not completely sure what the room. Discount was. 20% maybe

NelleBelleJan 06, 2021

How'd you do that (asking for myself as I too have a something similar)--didn't think you could combine offers??

"El Magnifico"Jan 06, 2021

Where are you supposed to sleep - nights 5 and 6? Something tells me they’ll make up the tickets in the xtra room night charges

Grumpy4196Jan 05, 2021

Already had a 5 night 4 day ticket package booked under the 35% offer. Changed to the ticket offer so now have 5 night 5 day tickets for $2 more.

Ricky SpanishJan 05, 2021

Just got through on the Disney website. Two offers were the 2 extra days or up to 30% off rooms. Modified my existing reservation and saved another $320.

note2001Jan 05, 2021

If no other deals were offered, at least this would be something. But Disney has far better ones out there. This is one of those sucker deals. Pop the word "free" in there and there's bound to be a bunch of folk who won't do the math hop on it.