PHOTOS - Tour through a completed Deluxe Studio room in the Pago Pago building at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Mar 24, 2015 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Posted: Tuesday March 24, 2015 9:44am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toady we've got a walkthrough of one of the new Deluxe Studio rooms at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

The 447 sq. ft. room sleeps 5, with 1 queen bed, 1 queen sleep sofa and 1 pull-down bunk bed. It features a bathroom split into two areas, one side with a toilet, tub/shower combination, and one with a shower and sink.

Also part of the Deluxe Studio is a mini-kitchen area, with refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker and wet bar.

Unique to the Polynesian Deluxe Studios is the ability to link two Studio rooms together to provide even more space.

The Deluxe Studio rooms range in price from $439 to $878 per night depending on season and view.

Click the gallery to take a tour through the Deluxe Studio room.

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betty roseMar 30, 2015

This thread has really gone to the "dump":D

note2001Mar 30, 2015

My Daughter has been known to "get ready" for up to 3 hours to go out with her friends. :banghead: I really do fear this upcoming summer in a studio with one bathroom area sink with her. Thankfully the boys don't take up much sink time.

BroganMcMar 30, 2015

The toilet has the highest demand of the most immediate nature. When you gotta go ya gotta go now! Who hangs out at the sink all day? You brush your teeth and your done. Maybe for some people who linger over primping their hair and make-up. It is possible for someone to use the shower and someone else the toilet. Shower stalls do have doors for privacy.

betty roseMar 28, 2015

My brain too, I forgot the most important part of the reply.:eek::D

betty roseMar 28, 2015

o_O When one gets older, the 2nd toilet is necessary, my plumbing is getting old as the hills.

note2001Mar 27, 2015

That was the main issue folk had with the BLT studios when they were first made: the bathroom sinks were on the opposite side of the wall from the bathroom (in the kitchenette galley) Other than a few asian countries that prefer the sink to not be in the same room as the toilet (yes, they think we're strange) it wouldn't work. It was a flaw in the design that was corrected after it opened.

doctornickMar 27, 2015

The only thing I would say is that there is already a sink at the kitchenette. In other DVC studios, we use that second sink for someone to brush their teeth and wash their face, etc when the bathroom is occupied. So there is plenty of sinks in this studio at the Poly. That said, having the extra shower is huge because showering takes up more time than using the toilet and IMHO is typically the thing that slows down a group the most. I guess you can argue with replacing the one sink with a toilet, but it seems odd to have a bathroom with a toilet and shower but no sink (granted the kitchenette is right outside the door).

note2001Mar 27, 2015

There are actually 3 sinks if you count the kitchenette. ;) Yes, a second toilet would come in handy for those times the daughter is chilling in her bubble bath, or when we're returning from a night out and the kids shout out "I claim the bathroom first!" just as we arrive back (and I had hoped it would be open, LOL).

TuvaluMar 27, 2015

Having 2 sinks in the studio room isn't a grand upgrade. All the Poly regular rooms have 2 sinks (as do all deluxe & moderates) and two people can use the sinks side-by-side...toilets not so much!! Have to agree with @BroganMc...a 2nd toilet in the room with the stall shower would have been a much better idea. Then you would truly have TWO bathrooms!

doctornickMar 27, 2015

I hope that these studios are easy to get at the 7 month mark because they would be pretty good for my family of 5 (we have a baby under 3 now, but he will be over 3 by the time we next visit WDW and beyond that). One thing that annoys me about DVC is how many 1 BR don't fit 5 people. So when traveling with just my immediate family, we will be limited to certain resorts for studios/1BR or have to bump up to 2BR which is a waste of space for our needs. The Poly studios are pretty roomie for that size unit and look like they'd be perfect for our needs, the second sink/bath is useful, plus I love the resort and location. I'm just curious to see how the dynamics of the room bookings are for the Poly given that the points are very different from other resorts with only the studios and the (expensive points wise) 2BR bungalows.

surfsupdonMar 27, 2015

The new Caribbean Beach rooms have the 2 queen beds and pull down murphy bed as well now. It was a terrific addition.

BroganMcMar 27, 2015

Without a second toilet is a waste of space to me. That's what comes in short supply when a group gets ready in the morning. We toured the rooms on Wednesday. I give them props for the decor. It did not look as dated as in pictures. But the problems remain with the view and lack of space. I was left wondering exactly how they will keep people from staying off the bungalow walkways at fireworks time. Those gates look super easy to jump. Also there is a slight sway to being in the bungalows. You can feel that it is built on water.

note2001Mar 27, 2015

I agree, and think they need more closet space too. But that shower looks amazing. I think that shower alone has me sold on at 3 night stay :)

mm121Mar 27, 2015

seems really crowded furniture wise seems like it would of been a better use of space to leave out the separate shower area and allow more space for the twin bed and just do a plan with two sinks instead, since the sink is usually the most time consuming part of getting ready in the morning.