Large banyan tree being relocated from the Polynesian Village Resort DVC tower construction site

Aug 16, 2022 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2022 9:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work continues clearing the land for the upcoming Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

This week, crews are preparing a large mature banyan tree to be moved to another area of Walt Disney World property. The work entails placing a box around the tree's root structure and using a crane to lift the entire tree onto a flatbed truck.

Disney has previously moved large trees, most recently around the Transportation and Ticket Center for new roadways. Those trees were relocated near the new approach road to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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mysto5 days ago

I estimate that at 8.3 miles.

UNCgolf5 days ago

Oh okay; didn't know they'd already released plans with it there. I was wondering if they were going to route people around the front of the building to keep that area free of non-resort guests.

James Alucobond5 days ago

I assumed this was this intended path around: It didn't look to me like they intended to block it off, especially considering the pathway connects to Tuvalu, Fiji, Tonga, and Aotearoa, not just the path toward the Great Ceremonial House.

UNCgolf5 days ago

Are they still going to have a pathway along the water? The concept art of the DVC makes it look like the whole waterfront area is going to be part of the DVC with activities etc. -- they may not want random guests walking through.

James Alucobond5 days ago

Hopefully they’ll make some effort to rework the pathway and re-open it sooner than the tower itself, though I suppose the location of the new pool may complicate that.

helenabear5 days ago

That's an understatement. Glad we did GF while the path was open. We found out the hard way that the monorail to TTC is unreliable at best. Made Epcot trips looong when we used it. But walking to and from the TTC especially if on the villa or rooms close to there made it faster. I beat groups by 10-15 minutes coming back from Epcot without trying. At least our March trip will be in Moorea and we can take the monorail to GF if we want to go there. Next summer trip will be at WL. Just have to plan next spring and summer well or hope the path has reopened by early-mid 2024

ToTBellHop5 days ago


JoeCamel5 days ago

Just swim between the docks

helenabear5 days ago

Added a couple tiny ones only. GF would be way worse without a path to TTC than no path to GF from Polynesian IMO Checking this out now ETA that's a crappy path. Would rather take the monorail. GF is definitely off my list until this is done.

DCBaker5 days ago

The new walking path between the Polynesian and Grand Floridian -

ToTBellHop6 days ago

They’ve added some paths, too. Looks like the walkway to the Grand closes soon. So, no gym access at a deluxe resort? It was bad enough that they didn’t have their own gym. I wouldn’t stay here until this is done.

kevlightyear6 days ago

The Luau Cove building and associated pathways have been removed from the maps. Here's the previous version for posterity:

helenabear12 days ago

It will come back. They have to change the walkway. Hopefully it won't be closed the whole time of constructiontoo. .

James Alucobond12 days ago

No. The walkway will return when the new Polynesian DVC building is complete.