How much you can expect to pay for the new Bora Bora Bungalows at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Jan 09, 2015 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

If you are thinking you might want to stay in one of Disney's new Bora Bora Bungalows at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort we've got some preliminary unconfirmed pricing information that might help you make up your mind.

Although they don't go on sale until alter this month, there have been some pricing details released through some of the official Disney Vacation Club channels.

Expect to pay between $2100 and $2900 per night, depending on season for a room only stay in one of the bungalows. For those members of Disney vacation Club, rates should be somewhere around $160/point, with between 841 and 1439 points needed for a week long stay varying by season.

The pricing has not yet been officially announced, so there is still time for these to change. Existing DVC members can purchase at the property on January 12, with general sales beginning on February 9 2015.

The first phase of the project will open on April 1 2015.

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Article Posted: Jan 09, 2015 / 11:43am EST
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LensmanFeb 15, 2015

So from this thread, I've decided I'm a potential 1%er - from a pure demographic standpoint, not that I'm divorced from reality, lol. Anyway, there are a lot of seemingly derogatory or at least thoughtless comments thrown around about us in this thread and in the press, but I will keep from being offended and try to contribute a perspective to the board. After all, I'm the one with the car the price of a house and a watch the price of a car and suits the price of a watch - or something like that, it's all kind of crazy to me and the family since we come from very humble beginnings. I actually suspect that there are more of us on this board than you think but I'm sure no one wants to speak up because it's just not nice to talk about money (if you've got it). So for perspective I'm by no means the most well off at work - my boss makes close to if not more than seven figures and his boss is well into seven and his boss is into eight. And this isn't even a Fortune 500 company! We're kind of crazy about Disney and used to go there every year but now that the kids are a little older we're cutting back to every other year or so. We do travel overseas some but haven't been to Tahiti yet. I've stayed at Ritz Carleton's but not in their Presidential Suite. When we go to WDW we usually stay in a DVC 2 bedroom even though it's only the 4 of us. Truth be told our relatives are *not* well off and so we usually have a couple of them tag along and sleep in the kids bedroom and living room pull out. If they're available the bungalows sound like fun and we'll give them a try. We'll try not to think about the amoebas and I think if people looking at us going to and from the bungalows they won't be trying to figure out whether we are celebrities. It's obvious that we are neither celebrities nor super-rich. If we like them as much as I think we will we may have to buy some more points if we want to stay there everytime since I don't think I want to cut back to only going to Disney every three years due to having to bank/borrow enough points to pay the exorbitant point cost of the bungalows. For the record we love the monorail resorts but the buses are ok too - much more so in the morning than the craziness of taking a packed bus with a zillion strollers back to the resort when MK closes!

asianwayJan 15, 2015

And there's only 5 two bedrooms in that class. Good luck getting one

majortom1981Jan 15, 2015

Heck with akl you can spend 125 points for a week and get concierge. You don't get that with the bungalos.

NelsonRDJan 15, 2015

There is no such thing as upper and lower 1%, if they were upper, they would be in the .5%. Second, there is less people than you think in the millions range. There is 317 Million people, and when I looked this up, only about 300,000 people in this country according to IRS that filed income greater than 1M a year. Far less than people think. Also people in the 10%, 5%, and 1% ranges are less rich than people think. 1% is not private jets, as implied by the media.

flynnibusJan 14, 2015

And people forget when people are talking about the 1%... they are not talking about the LITERAL top 1% - but has become a pseudonym for the people so rich they are detached from how the rest of the world lives.

freediverdudeJan 14, 2015

I agree. The furnishings of the unit, the size of the unit, the services offered, including no daily housekeeping unless you pay extra, all don't seem to add up to the value you would expect from a $2000+ per night unit. If you took that money per night to Vegas, I would imagine you would end up with 24/7 butler service, concierge service that can get you almost anything your heart desires, not just "maybe we can get you a table at one of the Disney restaurants" and some snacks/drinks, and still be walking (even monorail in some cases, so apples to apples there too) distance to many attractions.

freediverdudeJan 14, 2015

Every time I've looked at the IRS numbers, the top 1% was usually listed around $250k and higher, and top .1% were the people in the millions. Remember top 1% just means 1 out every 100 people, more of them around than you would think. .1% is a much more exclusive bracket.

ford91exploderJan 14, 2015

I'd pay to see that :-)

ParentsOf4Jan 13, 2015

Any DVC purchase, direct or resale, can make financial sense under the right set of circumstances. However, so long as Disney continues to increase prices of DVC purchases much faster than its Deluxe Resort hotel rates, those circumstances are shrinking. If you: Have to stay at the Polynesian and can't imagine staying anywhere else and Visit WDW when Disney does not offer its common "Room Only" discounts and Have money in the bank to pay cash Then you should be able to reach that magical "break-even" point in about a decade. If you are very good at investing your money (instead of tying it up in a DVC membership), then the break-even is about 15 years. Once you start deviating from this small group, your break-even point starts stretching out into decades. Consider this: Assuming you have your money in a good (not great) investment such as a typical 401K and assuming you can book when Disney offers its common 30% off Deluxe Resort discounts, 40 years of vacations at the Yacht & Beach Club will cost less than 40 years of ownership at the Polynesian Villas & Resorts. Are you really sure that you like the Polynesian that much?

WDWFigmentJan 13, 2015

I don't have the points for a stay there, as we only have a small contract purchased a while ago via resale. I won't argue with @ParentsOf4's number crunching, but I think the circumstances in which DVC is a good value--even via resale--are extremely limited if you're accounting for TVM (and from a financial perspective, you must). As resale prices inexplicably climb, this is becoming more and more true. Disney could charge whatever they want for these. There's a scarcity of the units and a longage of people with enough disposable income (I'd argue this is probably a 50/50 mix of Disney fans and "real world" people who have enough money that they aren't concerned with value) that they will always be booked. As for paying with cash...I'm too cheap. From time to time, I will pay high rates for hotel rooms, but the price has to be commensurate with the quality and service offered. Even though I like the look of these rooms, I do not view them as offering good value.

betty roseJan 13, 2015


DVCOwnerJan 13, 2015

Do not think this will be a problem because Disney Vacation Club will balance the demand with the total number of points. They will just lower the points need for the 20 bungalows and spread the difference out over the 360 studios. Due to the ratio of bungalows to studios, they could decrease the bungalows about 19 points and increase the studios about 1 point per night (I know I am rounding off the math and the number is not exactly that). They would continue this until the demand for bungalows matches the demand for studios.

flynnibusJan 13, 2015

How long till a see a Ecv traffic jam on the piers? :)

dreamfinderJan 13, 2015

It's gonna happen, but I can't say I've ever heard that many people care that much about it to do large scale walking. Most people don't think that way, and I think once all 3 buildings of studios open up, it will balance out.