Foundation work begins at the site of the new Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Dec 08, 2022 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Polynesian Resort Disney Vacation Club tower construction - December 7 2022
Posted: Thursday December 8, 2022 1:32pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort looks to be entering a new phase as work appears to have begun on the foundations.

Near the center of the site, a piling rig has been set up, which looks like it may be laying the first of the foundations for the new building.

Elsewhere, with the land cleared, crews are working on grading the site.

The new DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a planned opening in 2024.

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Jambo Dad6 days ago

Fully agree with your comments🔥

ToTBellHop6 days ago

I know. And they’ll keep paying.

MR.Dis6 days ago

The only reason Test Track is being re themed is GM is paying for it--just so everyone knows.

ToTBellHop6 days ago

How about they just retheme Test Track in 2024 and then retheme Test Track in 2031 and call it a day?

JoeCamel7 days ago

Is F&W still packed? Why would they focus on those things rather than what brings in the cash? I doubt they suddenly jumped on the altruism bus to put making people happy over making money.

James Alucobond7 days ago

IMO, the next phase of EPCOT needs to be the resolution of lingering problems. Circle back to plans (hopefully evolved) for Spaceship Earth, Wonders of Life, and Poppins; bite the bullet on the desperately needed Imagination re-imagination; follow through on Test Track; and refresh the interiors of The Land and The Seas. Also, for the love of God, clean up the appearance of the Cosmic Rewind box and Ratatouille backstage. Then they should turn their attention to new things.

imagineer977 days ago

I think he meant a whole pavilion focusing on him:

roj23237 days ago

I think you meant Brazil not basil which is a culinary herb. I could see them resetting the Star cruiser as a specialty dining restaurant with transportation "to / from orbit". It would be fairly simple / affordable to do and be a fairly unique offering.

Disstevefan17 days ago

Jambo Dad7 days ago

Riviera is such a poorly executed expectations lowering crapfest. It just sits there plopped in the middle of the Carribbean with no context or thought process. Compare that to Wilderness or AKL. You are right - it won’t sell out. They need to double park experience capacity to even have a chance to match the room capacity they have/are building. Suggestions: Magic - the whole back of the resort is empty. You can’t even walk between big thunder and fantasyland back there. Focus on classic animated properties. Epcot Some progress. Suggest focusing on two new pavilions (suggest Basil and India) and adding an attraction to each pavilion. Tap the original planned ideas for places like Germany and Japan. Also - get rid of Nemo overlay to aquarium - restore the facility to a real aquarium. Animal Kingdom They are about to make a significant bad decision. AK doesn’t need Indy, Zootopia, or Encanto lands. It needs new lands representing Australia, North America and South America with as much thought as they gave Africa and Asia. Hollywood Make Star Wars a winner - it’s not that hard. Add streetscape, droids, overhead craft coming and going. Reuse the hotel as part of Star Wars - not in space but on the ground. Stop pretending anyone cares about the last trilogy - use the original characters! Get the deferred restaurant built. Expand the old Hollywood experience to more streets. Bring back streetmosphere. Close off Rock n Roller coaster from Sunset and attach to new lands behind it that connect back to Toy Story and focus on new Pixar attractions. Retheme rock n roller to the long rumored Monsters Inc door coaster. This is just a start- ideas welcome.

Jambo Dad7 days ago

:cool:Finally a description i can get behind explaining Disney’s thought process!

Disstevefan17 days ago

I totally agree with you, but I bet the this resort and the cabins will have the same restrictions as Riviera. To figure out what TWDC will do for every and all decisions, think of the best, logical, right decision, and TWDCs decision will be the opposite of that.

MR.Dis7 days ago

And There is the rub. DVC has always been a money grap. In fact pre Covid- they bragged at being the largest ROI in all the Disney company-by a far amount. So now how is this all going to play out? The new California DVC is not selling as expected. Riviera is not an exiting resort and with the resale restrictions is selling like a turtle - at the current rate will take over 5 more years to sell out. The Cabins will be interesting as it is totally new concept for DVC and the first to allow pets, but will most likely contain resale restrictions. I am not even going to go into all the issues with the Hawaii resort. That leaves their last hope at a money grab the new Poly tower. The fact DVC needs to hit a home run, I believe this will be part of the same association with no restrictions. At least the savy current DVC owner will be more interested in adding on with no restrictions and the MK resorts have sold well in the past.

Vegas Disney Fan7 days ago

It reminds me of what Vegas did a decade ago, there used to be enough space between the resorts that the themes stood out, then they added towers in all the empty space and now it’s a mash up of themes because there’s no separation. The free space between the resorts is vital to the themes, WDW is losing that separation and the benefits that space provides, and just like Vegas they’ll never get it back.