The Cove renamed to The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve as project reaches key construction milestone

Aug 31, 2020 in "The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve"

Posted: Monday August 31, 2020 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The newest addition to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort has reached a key construction milestone with the topping off of the project’s top floor. The achievement was honored with the installation of a steel beam on the 14th story. As the beam was raised, it carried a tree and an American flag, as is construction industry tradition.

The occasion also marks a change to the project’s name. The new 349 room tower will now be called The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve - it was previously to be called The Cove.

“As we advanced with the project on construction, marketing and operations, we decided The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve was a better fit,” said the newly appointed area general manager for the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, Sean Verney. “We feel this name represents the boutique, sophisticated and relaxing ambiance the hotel will provide guests.”

Once completed, The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve will offer two presidential suites and 149 spacious suites, all with floor-to-ceiling windows and perfect for families of 6-8. Situated in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort, the hotel will offer its own signature restaurant and bar, lobby lounge, grab-and-go market, health club and pool. Guests of The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve will also have full access to the rest of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin’s amenities, including 18 restaurants and lounges, four signature restaurants, Mandara Spa, five pools as well as other special Disney benefits.

The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve is also designed to cater to meetings and events with a luxurious yet tranquil design offering an invitation for inspiration. With over 22,000 square feet of function space, it is an ideal option for small to mid-size groups.

The 149 spacious suites provide a great collaboration space for executives and groups of up to 20 with access to two 65-inch monitors, comfortable conference style seating, built-in break area and a private bathroom.

Larger groups can use The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve for an executive meeting track as part of the full offerings of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, which will provide a combined 2,600 rooms and 355,000 square feet of meeting space upon completion of the project.

“The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve will be a great fit with our existing resort,” said Verney. “The additional suites, intimate environment and absolutely unforgettable magical views are sure to resonate with our guests.”

The project, which broke ground in fall 2018, has remained on schedule as crews have been able to maintain the construction activity while following all mandated safety protocols.

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Bocabear31 days ago

Well it is trying to be Uber modern, and if this building were anywhere else we would probably say they did a great job... To me, the architecture is fine, just the wrong structure for the location... They should have designed something to thematically harmonize with the Michael Graves hotel buildings... Using Swan and Dolphin they have Water, Air, and they would need a terrestrial creature to base the third tower on.,.. Well, that is how I would have approached the project... At least some sort of visual marriage point between the new tower and the other existing buildings to tie it together... Heck, the Fantasia Gardens golf course is next door...It could have been the Fantasia Tower and pulled design and decor themes from that, but with a nod to the Graves style.

disneyC97Mar 14, 2021

I can’t get over how lousy the whole thing looks.

lazyboy97oMar 14, 2021

I just can’t get over how lousy the spandrel looks.

DCBakerMar 13, 2021

JoeCamelFeb 19, 2021

Universal does not have a resort fee but does have a parking charge.

Ripken10Feb 18, 2021

I could be wrong, but I thought the Universal prices don't include all the add on cost. Disney was the opposite, but now they also don't include the parking add on that they didn't used to have. Please correct me if I am wrong. I seem to remember this on our last stay at Universal. For instance, the resort fee wasn't included on the online price

BocabearFeb 18, 2021

Also crazy is the "Value" stripped down motels are $189-$238... I just stayed at the Dolphin last weekend for $160. The Value Resorts are a horrible deal...funny that they were meant to be a value option and the prices are just outlandish...especially for the quality of the accomodations.

PurduevianFeb 18, 2021

Just picking a random week October 4th- 11th... some price comparisons from Undercover Tourists Hotel Price (nightly rate for cheapest room at resort) Value Level Resorts $189 - $238 Moderate Level Resorts $268-$342 Deluxe Resorts $522-$710 Disney Springs (non-Disney) $76 - $159 Swalphin $231-244 ($265-$284 on the Marriott Website) Swan Reserve $294 (not listed on Undercover Tourist Yet) Universal Hotels (no express pass) $98-$157 Universal hotels (with express pass) $230-$264 FOUR SEASONS RESORT ORLANDO AT WALT DISNEY WORLD $862 (not cheapest on UT) I find it crazy I can stay at the Swalphin (with EMH, 60 day FP plus, walk or boat to EPCOT and DHS, and free bus to MK and AK) for ~$260 a night ($30 resort fee I believe). OR Go to USO and never wait in line and walk to the parks for $230. That is crazy compared to anything Disney is offering at similar prices (All star music, POP and AOA)

UNCgolfFeb 18, 2021

Seriously. I wish we could make upper management watch that ending. Not that it would change anything, but awareness never hurts.

MrPromeyFeb 17, 2021

Better yet, skip to 37:42 (through the end, which that almost is) and tell me current management hasn't lost their way... ... BTW, thank you for this. I'd never seen it before.

TJ VazquezFeb 17, 2021

My point I suppose is that it doesn't matter that its a cat 5, the price is basically the same as the Swan and Dolphin, dollars and points. This is just another option for the conference/convention clientele that will be newer and s bit more modern.

mgfFeb 17, 2021

Because it is the under-developed, poorly thought out, across the parking lot, across the street, overflow venue for a nicer set of hotels? This should have been a cat 5 to pull the non-convention stays out of the S&D so that their conference room blocks wouldn't sell out any more (and they did sell out frequently pre-covid). And no, executives will not stay at this downgraded hotel.

BocabearFeb 17, 2021

Thank you. Looks nice... Not terribly unique, but nice. Modern. Then all the guests will have to run the Death Race 2021 Gauntlet to get to across the street to the park When we were there last weekend we saw a few people scatter crossing the road...which is curved...So the sightlines are not great for a pedestrian crossing...

TJ VazquezFeb 17, 2021

They are not. I posted this a few pages ago that they had intended to build the bridge but pulled that plan. It will be a mess on Epcot Resorts Drive.