Disney files permits for upcoming DVC Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort

Sep 26, 2023 in "The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort - A Disney Vacation Club Resort"

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2023 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Permits have now been filed for work to begin on the new Disney Vacation Club Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

Disney announced earlier this year that the existing cabins will be converted into a new DVC property comprising 350 updated, environmentally friendly cabins.

The permit is assigned to an Orlando company that has previously done work for Disney on the All Star, Pop Century, and Yacht Club resort refurbishments.

The permit has a longer-than-usual expiration date of May 2025.

In announcing the new cabins, Disney Vacation Club said the design concepts offer a fresh take on the current cabin experience and are inspired by the resort's idyllic setting while paying homage to the resort's unique culture and heritage through the magic of Disney storytelling.

Each cabin will sleep up to six adults, including a bedroom, bathroom, living room, full kitchen, and private patio.

The planned cabins are part of a collection of improvement projects underway at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, including proposed pool and walking trail enhancements and the recently updated expanded dining experiences at Trail's End Restaurant.

The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort – A Disney Vacation Club Resort is planned to open at Walt Disney World in 2024. Disney says that additional information regarding project details, the start of sales, and rental bookings will be released later.

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nickysOct 13, 2023

The application for a timeshare licence to sell the cabins at FW has been submitted. https://dvcnews.com/wdw-resorts/ft-wilderness-cabins/5735-disney-applies-for-timeshare-license-to-sell-fort-wilderness-cabins

DisoneSep 28, 2023

Last time they replaced the cabins, they did indeed use the stolport as a staging area.

nickysSep 28, 2023

Plus there has been movement of vehicles etc reported at the Reflections site over the past few weeks. It seems like a good place to stage them, especially looking at @Doberge ‘s drawing of possible transport routes. They’re not likely going to want to have them sitting amongst the cabin loops when trying to remove the existing cabins. Edit: should have read properly lol!

danlb_2000Sep 28, 2023

... although, there was the extension of the permit for the Stolport stockpile area, maybe there a plans to use this area for staging.

danlb_2000Sep 27, 2023

The location on the permit is for all of Fort Wilderness, not just the Reflections site. Obviously they may use that are for staging but the permit doesn't give any indication of that.

Big T 1963Sep 27, 2023

Back in 1984 I went on a WDW trip with my sister and some friends who just graduated high school and we stayed in Fort Wilderness in one of the long mobile homes that were available to book in a section called Jack Rabbit Run it was 6 of us with plenty of room for all ... It was a great time.. anybody remember them

nickysSep 25, 2023

Just linking to this development. Looks like the Reflections site I could be used for staging for the new cabins:

scottieRossJun 05, 2023

One of the things to remember here, no matter how much we dedicated fans love the theme and placemaking of the resorts, MANY of the guests Disney is relying on to pay the bills do not. Reviews are full of statements like: Boardwalk-Grandma's living room. Dated. stuck in the past. Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge-Room was large but dated. Needs updating. Beautiful but not my style. Grand Floridian-Lost in time. Great at Christmas but a flagship resort should not need to be brought kicking and screaming into this century. Feels like I should find a chamber pot under the bed. Guests want to feel nostalgia for the time and place, but not be stuck in it. If I were to go to a mid-century-themed hotel, I want to see boomerang tables but I do not want to be forced to sit on a 1970 Danish style sofa. I want to see Googie architecture, but I do not want to stay in a room shaped like a giant donut. And I certainly do not want to have to reexperience an Avacado Green bathroom or a Harvest Gold kitchenette. I want a 2023 hotel inspired by the turn of the century Boardwalk, not be forced back to 1905.

castlecake2.0Jun 05, 2023

I’m all for modern accommodations, and (except for the incredibles rooms) have likes all the room remodels. Saying that, the concept art for the cabins looks great, but the outside doesn’t match the current theme of the fort. Maybe this is just part of a larger overhaul that will see other amenities switch over to this same style, but if that happens will the fort still have its charm? How will the settlement fit into the overall “story”? The new ranch looks great, but it doesn’t look like fort wilderness. I feel like the company’s weakness right now is modern design over immersing you in a time and place. Using the barn as an example, it’s a beautiful new facility and it looks like a barn, but does it look like a barn from the south east pioneer times? The new poly tower, the concept art looks like a beautiful (subjective) new modern Hawaiian hotel, but does it look like a building from the classic South Seas era? They seem to be struggling here. I want modern amenities, but if I’m staying at Disney I want commitment to the story in the public areas.

DisoneJun 05, 2023

Unfortunately.... I agree. Disney resorts were never able to command the prices that they have been able to get people to pay because they were comparable to a Hyatt Regency, a Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf, JW or Four Seasons. They were successful because they allowed you to stay in a bubble. An "extension of the theme park" experience where you actually could spend the night at. I believe currently Disney has lost sight of this. They've brought in a bunch of outside experience to teach them how to better manage their hotels, but in doing so they have now lost sight of what made their resorts so successful in the first place.

CaptainAmericaJun 05, 2023

Don't believe so. I think they're utilizing the existing footprint. Guests expect modern accommodations. You can theme everything up to the teeth but not at the expense of comfort, convenience, and cleanliness.

JoeCamelJun 05, 2023

If the theme is Gatlinburg and Dollywood it is right in theme, plenty of these boxes scattered in the hills around there... Eastern wilderness with plenty of bears

castlecake2.0Jun 05, 2023

Another example of the company forgetting how to story tell. The new cabins look nice, and I’m sure will be an upgrade to the current ones, but how they fit into the over all theme of fort wilderness… 🤷‍♂️

MisterPenguinJun 05, 2023

Given the design of the new cabins and the cancelled DVC, I don't think anything in or near the "Wilderness" area is going to be themed as olde-timey or rustic any more. Everything new will be contemporary with olde-timey touches. Or so it seems.