Disney begins discounting Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser voyages at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Tuesday November 22, 2022 3:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has rolled out the first discounts for the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World.

Disney Vacation Club members are now eligible for a 30% discount off original Points Charts values on select 2-night Starcruiser voyages.

Following stronger-than-expected initial sales, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser bookings have stalled, leaving Disney to begin discounting the experience.

Today's offer is likely to be the first in a series of discounts, based on the success of this particular offer.

Here are the full details of Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser discounts.

Eligible Disney Vacation Club Members can enjoy 30% off original Points Chart values on select 2-night voyages. This offer can be booked with Points or a combination of Points and cash. Terms Apply*.

This offer applies to the following departures in the winter of 2023:

January 11 – 13, 2023
January 17 – 19, 2023
January 19 – 21, 2023
January 21 – 23, 2023
January 25 – 27, 2023
January 31 – February 2, 2023
February 12 – 14, 2023
February 28 – March 2, 2023
March 2 – 4, 2023

Members must be eligible for Membership Extras to take advantage of this special offer. Limit one cabin per offer.

Points must be used to pay for at least one Member; a combination of Points or cash may be used to book additional Guests. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, is not transferable or redeemable for cash, and may be modified or withdrawn without prior notice.

Activities, entertainment and Characters are subject to change.

Reservation must be made prior to the last 4 months of your Use Year for stays during that Use Year.

Reservation is subject to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Terms and Conditions—which can be found on the Booking Confirmation Email received after booking—and the Disney Vacation Club Cancellation Policy.

Offer is only available for standard cabins and not valid for suite accommodations.

Offer dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.

*A nonrefundable $95 transaction fee applies per confirmed Disney Collection reservation. You will receive a call requesting payment within 72 hours of completing your booking. If payment is not received within 72 hours following this call, Disney Vacation Club reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

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Sirwalterraleigh19 minutes ago

What makes it 1 cabin?

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

Who says anyone is booking at any time?

GimpYancIent1 hour ago

Hmmmm It will be interesting to see if prices are increased during the (cough, cough) peak periods to motivate guests to book during the non-peak periods. 😂

TP20005 hours ago

We are well into December now, two weeks until Christmas, and there's still many nights where only one cabin is left available on the Galactic Starcruiser. The two busy weeks of Christmas are fully booked, obviously (and damn well better be!). But then January still has one cabin available for every single voyage in the month. February is the same, just one cabin left per night for the whole month, except for the weekend after Valentine's Day. Does that mean Star Wars fans are a rather romantic bunch, or is it just because that's the holiday weekend for President's Day? The mind boggles. But act fast. Only one cabin left on the Galactic Starcruiser for the dates shown below!

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

It’s been mismanaged. “Worse spot” is purely subjective. I’d say that the shows make it more impactful in a way that never could have happened before. But…big BUT that doesn’t mean it’s been managed correctly. Disney has not managed it well considering it’s resources. Disney messed up. Bob Iger messed up. And that means Disney messed up because Bob Iger works for Disney…which means Disney messed up. But the important part is Disney messed up. It’s not “dead” at all. And you can’t take anything seriously that says it’s “dead”. Mismanaged? Hell yes! Is that “understandable”? Not really…it was pretty deliberate.

flynnibus10 days ago

Until we are at the state that someone who pitches a SW product gets a response like 'eww... no one would touch anything star wars'... this idea of SW dying is bunkus. No one will replicate the kind of hype that SW had when Lucas first started doing the SEs and working on the prequels.. but that doesn't mean the line is dead or dying. SW is a thing to people from age 3-75 now... that's success that almost no one can touch.

corran horn10 days ago

Again, if you think Star Wars is in a worse spot now than it was in previous decades I think you've got an agenda of your own.

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

…since we’re down the hole… You are probably correct…Star Wars was a cultural blip. It fit the conditions at the time. The post Vietnam/cynicism of the 70s began to give way to the renewed desire for hero worship of the 80’s. It fit the times and it started the technological revolution in film. Lucas has commented on it alot over the years. Could that be “matched”?…no. But we’ve seen with MCU what good characters and fun stories can do…and they don’t have to be juvenile or silly. Really not that hard of a formula…give them a decent character and a somewhat coherent story and some fist pump moments.

Disstevefan110 days ago

I am not sure even if they didn’t write stories with an agenda in mind; even if they really tried to just write a good movie, I don’t think they could match the success the original trilogy of the 70’s.

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

How’d they do? -37% and -43% at the box office and clearance bins at Walmart are definitely what the analysts want, eh? 😉

corran horn10 days ago

yeah, mea culpa, by 'releasing' I meant it existing at all, box office, merch, etc. I think it's a known fact that Disney released the ST to more immediately realize a return on their investment. I don't think this is some secret.

corran horn10 days ago

I imagine these are the same people who say the Abrams films destroyed Star Trek only for there to be four ongoing Star Trek series shortly after.

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

Good…then I expect more than the “…SOME people like them…” line. That is a completely irrelevant stance to the meat of the problem. They’re not using their ip properly outside of the theater…which was 95% of the point of buying it. Ask Bob and see if he’ll lie to you. That is a business stance. It’s about longterm pull and profitability. Some people like fast and the furious…doesn’t mean Disney would or should be happy with that if they owned it either. Do I detect clever, tongue in cheek sarcasm? To be fair…prequels have been more resilient than I thought. But Is it’s five year “Renaissance” a coincidence with Disney mismanagement of sequels? Funny how the world is full of so many coincidences.

MisterPenguin11 days ago

If the PT destroyed the franchise, there wouldn't have been the ST (and the one, good standalone, Rogue One). If the ST destroyed the franchise, there wouldn't be great SW series on D+. Those are facts.