First look at some of the characters you will encounter onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World

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Characters aboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
Posted: Wednesday November 17, 2021 2:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared a first look at some of the characters that lucky travelers will encounter aboard the Halcyon during Walt Disney World's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience.

In addition to favorite Star Wars characters including Rey, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren, expect to see several all new characters created just for the Starcruiser experience

Captain Riyola Keevan

Charismatic, respected and trustworthy, Captain Keevan will lead your voyage aboard the Halcyon starcruiser. She is a strong and decisive leader, endearing herself to both her crew and her passengers by being fair to all and cool under pressure – a skill she’s learned from her … “adventurous” history. You’ll likely find the captain on the ship’s bridge – and you’d be wise to listen carefully and follow her instructions.

Cruise Director Lenka Mok

There is much fun to be had aboard the starcruiser, and Lenka Mok is your go-to crew member to discover it all. As the captain’s right hand, Mok is in charge of onboard entertainment, so it’s her job to make sure your voyage is an adventure. An optimistic and joyful soul, Mok’s happiness is derived from yours, so this is definitely someone you’ll want to meet!


This astromech droid is Mok’s assistant cruise director, ensuring things run smoothly and on time. He keeps an eye on all the workings of the ship and is devoted to Mok and Captain Keevan. And while he loves to have fun with guests, he’s also good in a pinch if anything should go awry (one of his many hidden talents).

Sammie the Mechanic

Sammie’s proficiency as the ship’s new mechanic is actually not his most endearing feature. His enthusiasm and good-natured personality quickly won over the starcruiser’s crew and that makes him popular among guests who happen across his path. He’s clearly eager to prove himself on such a well-appointed vessel, and his tasks always seem to get done … somehow.


D3-O9 is another droid you may see appear on viewscreens onboard the Halcyon starcruiser. Her primary responsibility is running ship logistics, so she certainly knows everyone and everything happening onboard during a voyage. But her favorite part of the job is talking with passengers. Built centuries ago by Chandrila Star Line’s founder, D3 has seen the ship’s history – and the entire galaxy – evolve, and she’s not shy about sharing her knowledge and opinions with passengers.

First Order Lt. Harman Croy

While the Halcyon starcruiser is a pleasure vessel, this is a stormy time in the galaxy as battles rage between the First Order and the Resistance – and it’s often impossible to avoid the conflict. The ambitious and intimidating Lt. Croy is on special assignment to root out and expose any Resistance fighters who are rumored to be aboard the ship. Will you help him? Will you support the Resistance? Will you just sit back and see how the whole thing plays out? The choice is yours.

Learn more about Walt Disney World's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

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THE 1HAPPY HAUNT1 hour ago

Janeway had an actual uniform though. This looks like 'generic sci-fi capatain costume' you would see at comic-con

Casper Gutman1 hour ago

Captain Janeway joined the Blue Man Group.

SorcererDonald162 hours ago

Wasn’t one reason the “Disney characters as Star Wars characters” appearances and merchandise stopped because Disney/LucasFilm supposedly wanted to “protect the integrity of the brand”? How the heck was that damaging to the brand but this “feels like a Star Wars brand knockoff” resort is considered acceptable by TPTB? :oops: Like so many other things, they just don’t know when to stop. I fail to believe fans were asking for this kind of thing with no name characters and stuff done on the cheap, but once again it is a case of “We will tell you what you want, and you WILL love it!” They seem to have learned exactly squat from Galaxy’s Edge. I am not a Star Wars superfan. Don’t watch the animated shows, don’t read the books or comics, don’t have a huge merchandise collection. I am a casual fan who grew up with the prequels and loves those characters, some of the OT characters, and Kylo/Ben due to his ties to the characters before him. I have enjoyed The Mandalorian and can’t wait for the Obi-Wan series. Give me the characters I *actually* love and a resort experience created around them, and I would book this one day in a heartbeat. This mess? Absolutely not. The saddest thing to me is the free with admission Star Wars Weekends were some of the most fun I have ever had at WDW and actually made me a bigger Star Wars fan. Pretty sure this experience as it is would have the complete opposite effect on me. :(

THE 1HAPPY HAUNT2 hours ago

Looks like Flabber from 'Big Bad Bettleborgs'

Skywise4 hours ago

It's strange that Disney, for all their "story telling" acumen, didn't introduce these characters in the Mandalorian or maybe the Bad Batch - wouldn't even have to have been the same actors. Just a cameo of the character with a throw away line. Like the commander could've been military and got into a fight and said something like "Thats it - I'm running cruise ships from now on". Or having the musical performer performing at one of the bars. Nothing seems to mesh with anything else - even this starcruiser doesn't seem to fit with Galaxy's Edge and neither seem to fit with any of the movies... It's like Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar has more context...

TrojanUSC4 hours ago

There's many elements I'm fascinated by in this endeavor, one of which is how they handle mundane guest requests. For example, what if little Tiffany wants to visit Magic Kingdom with her mom while dad and son play space dress up? What if guests are hungry at 3AM and want to UberEats some McDonalds? At what point do CMs break character to deal with guest issues? The "garden" to alleviate claustrophobic guests issues is literally a small prison yard. Baffling.

Animaniac93-984 hours ago

They still think that they can charge whatever for something Star Wars related and people will pay for it. Why they still think that after the softer than expected opening for Galaxy's Edge, I don't know.

GimpYancIent5 hours ago

Yes! and my point is that it has all been poorly presented for this experience. Rather than being interesting, an enhancement it's the opposite.

jinx84025 hours ago

My point, in which I was replying to, was that not only was it not a "new" alien species created by Disney, but that it was first introduced by a character played by George Lucas himself.

GimpYancIent5 hours ago

Will there be a CM special test voyage pre-maiden voyage for actual guests? Sort of sea trials for a new vessel.

doctornick5 hours ago

So I am curious as to how much droids will be used on the ship. One of the things that I was expecting was a heavy use of droids - fixed AA ones for atmosphere used to "run the ship", but also a number of puppet ones for kinetics and show to give the ship life. Given the price tag of the ship, I expected to see a lot of them but with promotions not really showing much... I'd like to believe they are just holding it back, but with every piece of promotion being underwhelming, I'm increasingly concerned that Disney is just totally mailing it in. I really thought they would be going all out on this but I can't really understand what is going on with the execution. Also, one thing I would think would be interesting is if they have some random (not story essential) aliens that are also passengers or crew on the ship that vary from voyage to voyage. Just have some random Rodian or Trandoshan or Mon Calamari or Gungan, etc. just show up for a dinner or a show and not really be a focal point but just be there for atmosphere.

yensidtlaw19695 hours ago

Disney: "Okay, so we know you didn't love that last one, but THIS will SURELY knock your socks off!" Everyone: "How does it keep getting WORSE??" At what point do they decide to do themselves and us the favor of some serious retooling? Because it seems like absolutely nothing we've seen yet has hit with the public. Some execs must be pulling their hair out.

GimpYancIent5 hours ago

Psst.......Yes.......The damage is still done ...... in the can......... happened and happening.

jinx84025 hours ago the link