Disney is offering a heavily discounted Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser voyage in August

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Posted: Friday March 17, 2023 3:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is offering a hefty discount on a special Disney Vacation Club Member voyage from August 19 to 21, 2023 at Walt Disney World Resort.

Registration begins March 21, 2023 for the 30% discount - see details below.

30% discount for Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Board a launch pod and rendezvous with the magnificent Halcyon starcruiser, where your onboard cabin or suite offers an exquisite view of space. Throughout the ship, you'll interact with your fellow Members (and an eclectic collection of Characters), sit down to galactic cuisine and perhaps even plot a secret mission together.

As a bonus, when the launch pod returns to the terminal at the end of the voyage, you'll receive special parting gifts to forever remember your time in a galaxy far, far away.

It's an out-of-this-world adventure fueled by Membership magic. Get ready to feel at home in hyperspace.

To register:

Important Details:

  • Members must be eligible for Membership Extras to take advantage of this special offer. Maximum of 3 cabins per Membership.
  • Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser – Member Voyage can be booked using Points or cash. Not transferable or redeemable for cash and may be modified or withdrawn without prior notice.
  • Activities, entertainment and Characters are subject to change.
  • Reservation is subject to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser terms and conditions—which can be found on the booking confirmation email received after booking—and the Disney Vacation Club cancellation policy.
  • There is no $95 transaction fee required for this Disney Collection reservation. You will receive a call requesting payment within 72 hours of completing your booking. If payment is not received within 72 hours following this call, Disney Vacation Club reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
  • Cancellation valid up to 30 days prior to travel.
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Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

Well now you know too much… …which means you’ll have to be eliminated 🎯

note20011 day ago

"So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view" - Obi Wan I KNEW iT! StarCruiser is being killed by it's evil self programming, only to be reincarnated as an Empire driven ship. It's not that the ship isn't being filled, it's that the people attending are being assimilated and turned into borg and cybermen .... uh... I may have my sci fi mixed up. What was in that coffee?

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

Well I can only tell you what worked the first time…

corran horn1 day ago

Well, I don't know what'll resonate with my kids in 45 years. I hope I'm alive to know then. :D

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

Because of the changes in media/product/entertainment delivery and speed. That isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about “resonance”. That’s what drove the franchise and lined the coffers. I haven’t watched too closely…but Weren’t there reports of viewership falling on Mando? What a fickle age we live in…and it’s not good for business It’s more widely distributed…not “more popular” But we can disagree. You’re never gonna believe they cacked it up… But your opinion is valid. You’re not alone. There are at least 6 other people here that say Disney has done a good job with Star Wars 👍🏻😎

corran horn1 day ago

Star Wars is certainly more popular now than it was in the 90s and arguably post-prequels.

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

…ummm…isn’t the the whole issue is they CAN’T fill them? 🤔

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

A big part of the miscalculation here…other than being absolutely clueless why Star Wars was ever popular…is that they misinterpreted a segment of their customer base that actually enjoys being overcharged and went a bridge too far …I have a hunch what they “misinterpreted” in particular that lead them down the road to

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Well, Disney knows that if they need to fill a scheduled cruise what they need to do so.

Hawg G1 day ago

Most folks who buy a Land Rover say they are great.

Hawg G1 day ago

So 30% pulls in those who aren’t afraid to spend lots of money at Disney.well, 100 of them at least.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

The "demand" is among that subgroup. It's clear by context that Scott was referring to demand within that subgroup at that price.

GimpYancIent1 day ago

"Demand" my foot. A catch word that has become overused. A specific, targeted, group of fans offered a 30% discount for a pricey experience for a limited time frame. In the category of an exclusive offer to an exclusive group. I would like to see a 30% reduction (discount if that's the preferred term) for everyone for every scheduled cruise. Then there will be an actual reflection of "Demand".

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

Yes… …that’s all I got 😎