PHOTOS - Disney execs share pictures from inside Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Jan 15, 2021 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Friday January 15, 2021 3:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Jeff Vahle and Josh D'Amaro have shared a look inside an actual guest cabin at the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro is visiting Walt Disney World this week, and along with Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle, got to take a look inside the Star Wars hotel experience.

The images give a good impression of the size of those bunk beds and how closely it matches the previously released renderings below.

An opening date for the 2-day, 2-night Star Wars experience at Walt Disney World is still not available, although construction resumed fairly quickly following the COVID-19 reopening and work continues.

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TiggerDad1 minute ago

We were at DHS that day, and her son was not in a good mood. Chewy was especially sad.

1HAPPYGHOSTHOST4 minutes ago

I have not

Patcheslee12 minutes ago

Have you ridden Figment?

MurphyJoe43 minutes ago

I can see Disney putting to the forefront when they announce bookings have opened for the lowest cost week of the year in whichever cabin arrangement will be the lowest price, "From $3,999 per person," for example. But then do their classic upcharge extravaganza when going to book with all the additional add-ons. Priority boarding and early/late debarkation. Photo packages. Starcruiser lightsaber that's only available during the experience. Keep your costume. Prepay your GE lightsaber and droid building experiences and have access to all the parts for no additional charge. Take home the space towels. Unlimited drink packages.

rle4lunch1 hour ago

They'll probably have "immersion" tiers Padawan level will get you basic experience, including 1 lightsaber training session w/drone, padawan robes upcharge. New Jedi level will get you everything in the Padawan level, including a confrontation with a Sith apprentice. Jedi Counsel level will complete your training to include Padawan and New Jedi levels, including a full character profile for yourself and your party to be part of the storyline to save the Republic. All the above levels apply in reverse if you choose the Dark Side, Sith package.

FigmentFan823 hours ago

Gosh, I know this is Disney we're talking about and they do love to fleece us as much as possible but that 6 or even 5 as the first number gives me real shell-shock. I wonder if they'll try to hide the amount as much as possible, like "please call for more information and book your experience with us..."

CastAStone4 hours ago

The more I’ve pondered the more I think it’s more like $6500.

FigmentFan825 hours ago

I could see this opening in Spring 2022. I feel like they wouldn't want to start this thing running during the months when it does actually get fairly cold in mornings and early evenings since excursions to Batuu are part of the experience. And back to pricing again, my wild guess is for 2 adults 2 kids for the 2 night experience $4999.

Archie1238 hours ago

More proof that people aren't as funny as they think they are.

larryz10 hours ago

Ford and Hamill, yes, but Carrie Fisher hasn't aged a day since December 27, 2016...

mergatroid12 hours ago

Possibly but until we were to do that we can only make assumptions. Certainly I've seen people complain about it on here but let's be honest, if Disney were giving $100 dollar gift certificates to everyone who visited there'd be folks on here complaining it wasn't $200 :D As an aside we took 3 first timers to Disney and Universal in 2019. They love the Star Wars and Harry Potter films equally, but all 3 preferred Galaxy's Edge to Diagon Alley. So from my personal experience I could say that 100% surveyed prefer GE to DA but I won't as it's not proper research :)

MagicHappens197118 hours ago

The land is not perfect, by the standards of OG diehard fans (from my perspective), as a newer Star Wars fan, I like the land, I think it’s very well done. ROTR is probably one of the best, if not the best attraction I’ve ever seen Disney do. The land is impeccably themed, while more interactive elements would’ve been nice, and some of the other planned things, the land goes on without them. Even coming in as a newer Star Wars fan, I personally think if the land was grounded in the originals, or even the prequels it would've been better received. I personally think Kennedy & Disney marketing or however you’d like to word it are responsible for it. Battuu could’ve existed within the originals or even the prequels and no one would’ve batted an eye. I will also say that in my opinion, with Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamil all getting on in age and leaving the franchise, it doesn’t really make sense to build an entire theme park land built around the characters they embodies. I may be in the minority, and am not trying to be repetitive but Galaxy’s Edge is very well done, Smugglers Run is a little underwhelming, and a third attraction would’ve been nice, but I don’t like to think of what could’ve been. For what it is, the land is amazingly themed, and id argue has more of a backstory than any land Disney has created before, Pandora would probably come a close second. *everything in this post is purely opinion and I’m not trying to start a debate*

Archie12318 hours ago

You are making up your own “facts” to try and support your argument. Please show some poll that shows this general consensus.

Skywise19 hours ago

Nah - that's too specific - you have to do scheduling the way my company does it. "We plan on having that done by December." "This December?" "Just December." "Next December?" "A December... sort of..."