Disney recruiting for numerous actor and stunt performer roles at Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

May 05, 2021 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Wednesday May 5, 2021 3:56pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney Careers website is listing a number of performer roles for the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney World.

Positions include stunt performers, actors and musicians for the one of a kind, immersive Star Wars multi-day adventure. Performers will join guests as respected crew members, guests, and interlopers as they all travel in style to the Outer Rim.

According to the job postings, "During the experience, a variety of adventures befall the ship and onboard characters find themselves caught in the intrigue of a galactic conflict. This company of actors will portray characters from a vast and diverse galaxy and will actively engage with passengers as much as with other performers. Every character will be leveraged for improvisational, scripted, and interactive moments. "

These are the roles currently being recruited:

REY: (5’6”-5’8”) Seeking a dynamic and athletic actor with an athletic, slender build and strong improvisational abilities to portray Rey. Rey is a survivor, toughened by her life as a scavenger on the harsh desert planet of Jakku. Despite dismissing herself as a “no one”, she learns that her life is being shaped by the mysterious power of the force. Actors with prior experience or knowledge in stage combat, Wushu, martial arts or hand-to-hand are encouraged to attend.

KYLO REN: (6’0”-6’2”) Seeking a dynamic and athletic actor with improvisational abilities to portray Kylo Ren. A menacing Force-sensitive warrior, Kylo is driven by his connection to the dark side to achieve his ultimate goal of galactic domination. Actors with prior experience or knowledge in stage combat, Wushu, martial arts or hand-to-hand are encouraged to attend.

CAPTAIN: Seeking a mature, commanding actor with strong improvisational abilities to portray the Halcyon’s Captain. She is a worldly Pantoran (40s-50s) with a rich, diverse history and dedication to her vocation. She is a strong and charismatic leader who has served as a well-respected ship commander for some time and demands the attention and focus of every room she walks into.

CRUISE DIRECTOR: Seeking an effervescent actor with strong improvisational abilities to portray the Halcyon’s Cruise Director. She is a human (30s) with the capacity to learn that life is about more than the fun of the moment, and draws inspiration from the efforts she sees being made to bring harmony and justice to the galaxy. A born cruise director who loves travel and adventure, she is a cheerful and harmonious people person.

SHIP MECHANIC: Seeking a friendly and engaging actor with strong improvisational abilities to portray the mechanic. A youthful (late teens-20s) human with big dreams, his enthusiasm sometimes outpaces his capabilities, and, as a result, he tries to present a braggadocios front to mask the vulnerability of being far from home.

THE FIXER: Seeking a confident and engaging actor with strong improvisational abilities to portray The Fixer. Character portrayed is a well-traveled, devil-may-care human (40s). A convincing and handsome schemer, he uses his charm to his advantage as he seeks out associates to enlist in his criminal enterprise. His calculated and conniving approach is an intellectual dance; a paso doble that leaves passengers wondering… was he the bull or the matador? Actors with sleight of hand tricks a plus and are encouraged to prepare a demonstration of abilities.

FIRST ORDER LIEUTENANT: Seeking a charismatic and engaging actor with strong improvisational abilities to portray the First Order Lieutenant. Character portrayed is human (40s) and working his way up the ladder. An ambitious officer of the First Order, the Lieutenant is new to his position of power, and is working hard not to let us know that. He doesn’t see a line between abusing and leveraging power.

SABER TRAINER: Seeking warm and engaging athletic actors with improvisational abilities to serve as Saber Trainers. Character portrayed is in their 20’s-30’s. Patient and well-composed instructors, Saber Trainers serve as expert wielders of the lightsaber and he/she/they take cruisers through a physical demonstration. Prior sword/saber experience a plus as the role requires the ability to confidently brandish a lightsaber. Only talent local to the Central Florida area will be considered.

THE FIRST-TIME CRUISER: Seeking a youthful and friendly actor/guitarist/singer with strong improvisational acting abilities to portray The First-Time Cruiser. Character portrayed is a Togrutan (20s) who aspires to be more than the “alien next door”. This hopeless romantic is a friendly and earnest musician who happily serenades his fellow guests as he aspires to impress the Galactic Superstar. He is a strong rhythm guitarist with a happy go lucky, easy going musical style. A struggling singer/songwriter looking for his big break. Vocal range low C to high A; Low tenor/high baritone.

GALACTIC SUPERSTAR: Seeking an actor/vocalist with strong improvisational abilities to portray our Galactic Superstar. Character portrayed is a Twi'lek (30s-40s) who commands respect and flame-roses at her feet. Operating in a legally-dubious world of galactic intrigue while fighting for her race’s integrity and freedom, she is also a phenomenally soulful singer who demands focus in every conversation and performance alike. Her vocal range is preferably that of a Mezzo Soprano and her musical style is a hybrid of neo-soul, jazzy, funk, colored by her extensive travel and experiences.

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is set to open in 2022 at the Walt Disney World resort.

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corran horn25 days ago

I'll miss those views from the ramp. I thrived off those in the early days.

danlb_200025 days ago

Looks like they are building up a berm along the other side of the hotel now...

DCBaker25 days ago

Rich Brownn25 days ago

So I wonder how much variable the "story" has depending on what the guests do. I doubt the bad guys ever win LOL

danlb_200025 days ago

Where are they building a Star Wars hotel, haven't heard about that. ;)

GimpYancIent25 days ago

Star Wars Hotel???

TikibirdLand25 days ago

Did not know Tom's sister, Ann Morrow Johnson, worked as an imagineer. That's a cool detail you'll find at the Star Wars hotel!

nickys26 days ago

I’m channelling my inner @marni1971 here. “Imagine that”. 😉

mmascari26 days ago

It doesn't say "Hotel" anywhere, and "Resort" only as part of "Walt Disney World Resort".

nickys26 days ago

Sorry if this was already posted, if it was then I missed it. I had a quick scan through posts around May 4th and couldn’t see it. This interview gives an idea of what the voyage will entail: https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser-interview

nickys28 days ago

And the pool? :cautious: I’ll see myself out now.

SWGalaxys_Edge28 days ago

and where is the ramp?

TiggerDad28 days ago

That’s an obvious fake, because the Ladder isn’t there.

MisterPenguin28 days ago

My, what sturdy Galactic studs!!
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